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Advice on DS-260 For DV2024 That Affects DV 2023

This guide is an advice on DS-260 form filling, which has raised a lot of concerns to majority of the DV 2023 winners, and a solid advice to the DV 2024 prospect winners.

Advice on DS-260 form

Majority of DV 2023 winners with the cases below the cut-of numbers are worried why they have not received their second notification letters, 2NL, even if they have very low case numbers. But what is the reason?


The reason revolves around the DS-260 and the DS-260 submission and the DS-260 processing. Below are the reasons as to why you have not yet gotten a second notification letter, 2NL.

The first thing that you should take keen concern is, if you are DV 2024 prospective winner, remember that it is very important and highly advisable that you fill in your DS-260 form as early as you can.

Immediately the DV lottery results are out and you get selected, fill the DS-260 form immediately, take some few days and fill it correctly, as early as that time, and submit it correctly filled.

Don’t wait for September or for October or for July or for later dates for you to submit that form. Because KCC will always and have always been processing the DS-260 as they flow, as they come.

Therefore, those who submitted their DS-260 in the month of May, regardless of their case number, whether high or low, will be processed first before those who submitted in June.

Those who submitted fast will get their DS-260 processed before those who submitted later, regardless of your case number.

Also note this, all people with higher case numbers than you and submitted their DS-260 forms earlier, will have their DS-260 forms processed and their interviews scheduled before you with the lowest number. Simply because you submitted your DS-260 late.

Also, those people who are not yet current and they have very high case numbers but submitted their DS-260 forms before you, will have their DS-260 still processed before yours and put aside to wait for the time they will become current.

If you submitted your DS-260 late, even those with very high case numbers but submitted before you will have their DS-260 processed and put aside to wait for the time they become current.

KCC may waste a lot of time processing those numbers that are not current, rather than processing yours that is current simply because you submitted it late.

Submit your DS-260 form immediately you realize you are selected after the results are out, as early as the results are out.

Even if you as the principal applicant, you have the travel document, the passport, but your derivatives don’t have, fill in the DS-260 and for your travel information, you put in the details of your passport.

But for your derivatives, you can use your national ID as the number, in the place of their travel information and submit, so long as you submit the DS-260 on time, and as early as you can.

Let take for an example:

If you come from a region like, Asia or Africa, and your case number is 700 and you become current for the month of October, but you submitted your DS-260 form in the month of July.

When October comes, you are supposed to have received your second notification letter and you are supposed to have been scheduled for the interview and gone through your interview.

But you have submitted your DS-260 form in July and in the month of October when your interview is supposed to be scheduled. KCC has not yet reached processing the DS-260 submitted in July. So what happens?

It means that your DS-260 form has not yet been processed, but yet, your case number is current. Do you expect to get any second notification letter? Definitely not.

But in a different scenario, another person from the same region, Asia or Africa, and his case number is 1000 and submitted his/her DS-260 in the month of May immediately, after he realized that he had been selected.

So all the DS-260 forms for may have been processed and therefore the person with 1000 and is current for the month of October, will receive the second notification letter and attend his/her interview.

But you with the 700 case number and your DS-260 has not been processed because you submitted it later, you will not get your second notification letter. You’ll be asking be asking questions, even when your case number is low, why have you not received your second notification letter? The problem is because you submitted your DS-260 form late.

Note: Same illustration case applies to all other regions.

The key point here is, you should as much as possible immediately you realize that you have been selected, try and start filling in your DS-260 and submit it early, so that when your case number becomes current, your DS-260 form will have been processed and therefore you will be scheduled for the interview.

Some Frequently Asked Questions On DS-260 Form

Question: What if in the case were u submitted Early,case no. Is low but u unlocked like 2 or 3 different times to make corrections then after resubmit the forms. Does such a scenario affect the processing of the forms at KCC?

Hint/Ans: It’s just slightly in case you were about to be scheduled for the interview, but just slight effect unless you updated travel information to terrorism prone country.

Question: What if the principal applicant submitted in May but the derivatives were submitted in September?

Hint/Ans: They will have to process for your derivatives as well. It is late.

Question: On my DS260 I wrote my host’s name and surname and i forgot the middle name. Will it be an issue or should I open my DS260 and correct it?

Hint/Ans: It should not be an issue. Don’t unlock, just go with the host document during interview.

Question: Is there any effect asking kcc about my ds-260 when my case is not current.

Hint/Ans: No.

Hope this advice on DS-260 form is very clear. Thanks for reading this guide.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

If you have any questions about the DV lottery, please contact an immigration professional/officer or a licensed attorney.


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