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Form I-797

What to do After Applying for OPT EAD with USCIS (F1 Visa Employment Guide)

What to do After Applying for OPT EAD with USCIS

Are you an F1 visa student who has applied for the OPT EAD? In this guide, you will learn what to expect after mailing your OPT EAD application to USCIS, what to do after applying for your OPT EAD and how long to get USCIS receipt notice. If you have …

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Automatic Visa Revalidation Experience for F1, J1, H1B Visa (A Complete Guide)

Automatic Visa Revalidation Experience

Are you a nonimmigrant in the U.S with an expired U.S visa? If so, in this guide you will learn how to travel in and out of the U.S with an expired U.S visa using the automatic visa revalidation rule. You will also learn 6 best travel tips to follow …

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USCIS Biometrics Appointment Tips | What happens after Biometrics Appointment

USCIS Biometrics Appointment

In this informative guide, you’re going to learn step by step everything you need to know to have a successful USCIS biometrics appointment in 2022. You will also get some really helpful tips for your biometrics appointment that no one talks about. Getting to the USCIS biometrics appointment is an …

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How to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) as an F1 visa or J1 visa international student

social security number for international students

Social Security Number for international students: In this guide, we will learn how to apply for a social security number (SSN) as an F1 visa or J1 visa international student. We will also learn how to obtain an SSN Letter of Ineligibility for someone unable to obtain an SSN as …

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BEST Tips to Speed Up Your Immigration Case with USCIS For Free

In this guide, you will learn the best tips to speed up your immigration case with USCIS, with guided examples, and the best part is that there are no fees involved. So if you’re currently dealing with delays with USCIS, make sure to read this guide through to the end, …

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Alien Registration Number USCIS#: Who gets the A-Number, where to find it, and how to use the number

Alien Registration Number USCIS#

If you’ve ever completed a USCIS immigration form, you might have come across an entry asking you for your Alien Registration Number. So this might trigger you to ask the question, what exactly is this Alien Registration Number? Do I even have this Alien Registration Number? And if do, where …

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