Reasons for DV Lottery Winners to be denied Visas at U.S Embassy despite winning the Lottery


In this guide, we will learn why you may be denied diversity visa even after you have been selected from the diversity visa lottery online application.

You can get selected from the diversity visa lottery online application but these mistakes can deny you your diversity visa. In other words, you may have been selected or you will be selected or you may be selected with these mistakes, but you getting the visa is a dream. You will definitely be denied the visa.

What are the reasons for someone who is the winner of the DV lottery to be denied the visa during the visa interview?

You have won the DV lottery, you have processed everything, you have reached the stage to be given what is called the second notification letter (2NL) to go to the visa interview, you have done the medical, everything is okay, you go to the visa interview, then you get denied of the diversity visa. Why will you gets denied?

Reasons Why You May be Denied Diversity Visa Even If You Are Selected

There are so many reasons which make a winner be denied the visa. Below are those mistakes that you can do and you may get selected, but you will not be given a visa:

  1. By selecting the wrong country of eligibility

If you lie about your country of eligibility during your application, you may get through the selection process, but you will not be given your visa. You will definitely fail your interview.

Some people makes mistake of putting different country of eligibility. For instance, someone from Uganda who lives in Qatar, he is working in Qatar. By mistake, instead of putting the country of eligibility in Uganda, the country of birth is Uganda.

The question was, which country are you born? Are you born in Uganda? Are you claiming that there is the country of birth? The person who didn’t know, then they put no and put the country where they live as Qatar. The person would be denied visa despite winning the lottery.

Putting a country of eligibility, which is not yours, is automatically denial of the visa despite being the winner of the DV lottery.

  1. By selecting the wrong level of education

If you select the wrong level of education, you may get through the selection process, but during the diversity visa processing, you will get denied your visa. Don’t make any mistake when selecting your level of education.

If you have a high school diploma, select the high school degree. If you don’t have select, you don’t have. Don’t lie about your education level, you will definitely get denied your diversity visa.

In the application of the DV lottery, you don’t have correct education required, so you are depending on the work experience. The work experience which is required is two years of qualifying work experience out of five years or in the period of five years.

Qualifying meaning not every work experience will qualify. The work experience must meet the Department of Labor Special Vocational Range (SVP), of six and above. If you have a work experience which is below that range, you will be denied the visa. That is another way people are not meeting that particular requirement.

  1. By selecting the wrong marital status

Wrong marital status will deny you the visa even though you get through the selection process.

If you are single, why not select single? Why put married? Because you have a girlfriend, she is not your spouse. You have a boyfriend and he is not your spouse.

If you are single, you select single. If you are legally married, select you are married. If it is a spouse that is a United States citizen or a green card holder, select married to a U.S Citizen or a legal permanent resident. If it is not a spouse from the United States, select not from the United States.

Don’t lie on your spouse, on your marital status. If you are separated and you have the separation documents, select separated. If you don’t have the legal separation document, you have to select married.

If you are divorced with the divorced certificate, then you select divorce. But if you are divorced and you don’t have the legal divorce documents, don’t select divorce, you have to select married.

Don’t lie about your marital status. You may get through selection process, but you will not receive your visa.

Those are instruction number 14 and instruction number 15 of the DV lottery applications.

  1. By lying on the number of children that you have

Remember, the children that are legally allowed to be added as your derivatives include your natural children, your stepchildren and your legally adopted children, and not anyone else.

Therefore, indicate the correct number of children that you have and include their details and don’t lie in it. Even if you are single and you have a child, include that child.


When you ask about children, the question is number of children. The children has to be biological or step-children, or legally adopted children who are under the age of 21 and unmarried.

For you, you put a child of your brother who is not your child. Or you put your child, you think that you have adopted a child, but you didn’t do by the legal way just because someone’s relative died and you have been living with that child since maybe the age of one doesn’t make you as a parent. You are just someone helping.

So for that particular case, putting a child who is not your child or lying that you don’t have a child while you have children, will lead you to be denied the visa.

  1. Criminal record

That’s why they need a police clearance. Police clearance will be able to determine whether to be denied or not to be denied the visa. Even if it’s not a typical criminal record, in the DV lottery or in any visa you are supposed to fill at the U.S Embassy, you will be required to put the list of all social media you have in the past five years or the phone number you have used in the past five years.

The U.S government will be going to look into your social media. Let’s say by mistake you have been a very big supporter of a terrorist. Obviously, it might bring a problem. You have liked and commented in support of illegal group. They know you are affiliated with or you have bad intention to the U.S government or to the US as a country.

What you comment on social media, what you like on social media might come to bite you in big way in this type of situation.

  1. Another thing is a medical

In most cases, they’re not going to check HIV, they’re not going to check hepatitis, they’re not going to look into that. But if you are addicted with a drug to the higher level, you’ll not be given the visa.

If you have a certain type of mental health, mental health is not a problem. But the mental health, which has been proven that it has caused or you have proven like you have done a mass shooting, you have taken a knife going to stab some people, maybe at the school. Those type of behavior will lead to you being denied because they see you are a threat. If you go to America, you might cause a very big problem to life of people in America.

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During the passport requirement, if you lied or you put your wrong passport number was a reason for that. But now there is that big controversy and there’s a lawsuit that the passport is no longer required. People were in the case and the U.S government hasn’t filed the appeal yet, so that will not be a reason for you to be denied the visa.

They’re not going to look about the photo used on that particular case. They are looking now you are the winner. They are looking into those are some of the things which will be able to cause you for you being the winner and be denied the visa.

For that reason, that’s why they are going to select so many people as winners, as a backup because they know the majority of people will not be able to meet those requirements and might not be able to be given the visas.

Those are the mistakes that you may get selected with but you will definitely be denied your diversity visa. Don’t commit these mistakes.

I hope you find the information useful.

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