Don’t Do These Thing At Your DV Interview – You Will Surely Get Diversity Visa Denial


Don’t Do These Thing At Your DV Interview: During your diversity visa interview, don’t provide information that is different in your application, , it will cost you have your visa refused or denied.

Don’t Do These Thing At Your DV Interview

  1. Failure for you to provide the relevant support document

When attending the interview, you are supposed to produce the proof documents for whatever information you filled in your DS-260 and throughout your application.

Failure for you to provide the relevant support document or providing documents that do not match whatever you filled, that leads to visa denial. So you are supposed to provide all the documents.

  1. Failure to provide a valid marriage certificate

Failure to provide a valid marriage certificate, if you applied as married, that causes you to get a visa denial, or if you provide an invalid marriage certificate, that will cost your green card as well.

If you applied as married, make sure you have the relevant certificate of marriage that will prove your marriage.

  1. Producing wrong academic document proof or failure to provide them

If you listed your academic level, produce the documents that prove that level. But if you say, for example, you have a university degree, but in the real sense you only have a high school degree and you fail to produce that university degree, that automatically leads to your disqualification.

Failure to produce relevant academic support documents will lead to your visa denial.

  1. Failure to produce the police clearance certificate

Failure to produce the police clearance certificate for all individuals above 16 years of age in your application, will always lead to your visa denial.

When attending your interview, you should have all the police clearance certificate for all those individuals above the 16 years of age.

  1. Failure to produce valid passport

If you fail to produce the valid passports for all the derivatives together with you during the interview, you will be denied your visa. Valid passport mean a passport that exists beyond six months after your interview.

A passport that expires in one or two months after your DV interview is considered invalid. All the members in your application should have valid passports that extends beyond six months after your diversity visa interview.

  1. Prove of work experience documents

If you are qualifying through work experience, then you have to have all the support documents that will prove your work experience and your work should be within the qualified work.

Remember, not all works qualify you for the DV lottery. It is only those work experiences with Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) of seven and this rating is done at the United States Labor website where they classify different works experience, different works according to the level call SVP. All jobs that have an SVP rating of above seven, they are considered qualified, but any other below seven is unqualified work experience.

  1. Another reason why you’ll get your visa refused would be if you left out your derivatives in your initial entry

For example, you are a married person and you applied as single. That means you’ll get refused because you left out your spouse. If you had children, legally adopted, your natural children, or the children of your spouse and you left them outside your application, that is an automatic disqualification and your visa will be refused.


From the first application till the filling of DS-260, ensure you fill in or you add in all of your derivatives.

Maybe you get a child after you have applied, then in your DS-260 include that newborn.

If you get married after you had applied, you go ahead and include your legally married spouse in your DS-260, but leaving a single out will cost you the visa.

  1. The other thing that will disqualify you for a visa would be when you include unqualified spouse or unqualified children.

By unqualified spouse, it means you cannot add your girlfriend or your boyfriend. You cannot add a man or a woman you are cohabiting with and is not your wife. You cannot include your fiancee.

All individuals you are staying with and they are not your married spouses, you cannot include. If you do, you get disqualified.

By unqualified children, i.e children that are not your natural children, your biological children, children that are not the children of your spouse, the legally wedded spouse, the children that are not legally adopted, these children that do not fall into these categories, you should not include.

If you do include, for example, you include the child of your neighbor or the child of your aunt or uncle, then you are going to be disqualified for the diversity visa. Only your legal children, only your natural children or your stepchildren, only those are supposed to be added.

  1. Another thing that will cost you your visa would be dishonesty and lies and fraud in your application.

If you evolve yourself in any kind of made up stories in your entire diversity visa process, you are risking disqualification.

Don’t add or subtract any information from any information regarding you.

Be truthful from the start to the end. Everything you feel must be true and with proof. Dishonesty and lies are considered fraud and they will deny you your visa approval.

  1. Involving yourself in crime

The other thing would be involving yourself in crime either before the application or during the diversity visa process.

Some crimes will cost you the visa, if you commit felonies, definitely you will get denied your visa.

You will be denial your visa if you involve yourself in drug trafficking or personal trafficking or personnel trafficking. If you involve yourself in such activities, automatically you will be denied your visa approval.

Such crimes don’t involve yourself in them, let your record, your police clearance certificate be clean. Don’t involve in the crimes because you will get your visa denied.

These are some of the few things that may lead to your visa denial.

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