How Soon Should DV 2024 & DV 2023 Winners Start Checking Their CEAC Status?


In this guide, we will discuss how soon the DV Lottery 2024 selectees should start checking their CEAC status.

In previous guide on how to keep track of your visa status, we saw there were two ways majorly, that is through keeping track of the visa bulletins as they are released every month. Secondly, is by checking the CEAC status continually and we saw how you can check your CEAC status. We outlined the different statuses.

For the DV Lottery 2024 winners/selectees, the information on the CEAC status will be out or will be available starting January 1, 2024, that is next year.


Before then, you cannot access any information regarding DV Lottery 2024. You cannot access your status, it’s not yet availed.

So you will have to wait till the 1 January of the year 2024. But remember, even before January, and to be precise, as from the 1 October, the interviews for the DV lottery 2024 selectees will begin.

So the interviews will begin on October 1 and will continue up to September 30 of 2024. But between October and January 1, the status of the DV lottery 2024 will not be available.

From the 1st of January onwards, you can check your status. But for the DV lottery 2023 winners, the status is open and it was opened from the 1 January this year (2023). You can keep track of your cases through the CEAC website. That is for the DV lottery2023.

This guide is to explain how soon DV2024 & DV2023 Winners should start checking their CEAC Status.

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