3 Main Determinants of DV Medical Examination Cost


There’s this issue about the DV medical examination cost or fee, questions on the total amount to spend on medical examination, as DV winner.

DV lottery winners, in this guide, we will learn the factors that determine the amount of money that you will pay for the medical examination or the factors that affect the medical examination fee.

After you’ve gotten your second notification letter (2NL), you are supposed to book a medical appointment for the medical examination of yourself, together of those of your derivatives, if you have any, and it means some expenses that you are going to incur.

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We need to know what affects or what controls the amount of money that you get. Is it the embassy? Is it the Department of State? Who controls it or what controls it?

3 Main Determinants of DV Medical Examination Cost

  • Size of Family

The first factor that will affect the amount of money that you will use during the medical examination is obviously the size of your family.

If you are a single person, that mean you’re just catering for the expenses of one person, and that mean the charges that you go through will not be as high as of those with a family.

If your family is of two, the husband and the wife or the mother and the kid or the father and the kid, that means you have two people and therefore each of you has to be examined and has to be vaccinated. Definitely, you will have higher cost than the one who is single.

All of you have to go through the medical examination, not only the principal applicant, and that determines the amount of money that you use.

  • Age

The age determines what amount of money you’ll use. It determines the number of vaccination that you’re going to get.

If you have a child that is below 15 years, you will have fewer vaccinations and fewer checks. If you are of the age between 15 and 25, that’s a different age group, and you’re going to have different expenses as compared to a child between one year and 15.

Also if you are of age 25 and above, that means that there are some certain vaccination that you are going to undergo and others you are not going to go through, and that means a different price for that.

So age determines the number of vaccinations to be administered and the type of vaccination to be administered and therefore affecting the total cost that you are going to incur.

  • Status of your Immunization

The third thing that affects the cost of the medical examination is the status of your immunization, your immunization history. What is the record of your immunization?

It is good for you to try and get access to the documents that details all the vaccinations that you have taken since you were born.


Remember, every person since birth there are vaccination or immunizations that has undergone and those immunizations can really count into this.

If you were immunized at a certain age against a disease that is been listed by the CDC as one requiring immunization, then that one is knocked out of the list of the vaccinations that you are going to undergo or to take.

So if you can and if it is possible, get all those documents to show that you have such and such vaccinations and therefore needs to be eliminated from your vaccination lists.

You need to go with the immunization record and by so doing, you will end up reducing the expense that you should have undergone if you had none of the immunization.

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These are the key three points and factors (the size of your family, the age of every member of your family, and the immunization status, the immunization record) that affects the cost of the medical examination for DV winners.

Another factor that affects the cost of the medical examination is the country in which you come from.

It also depends on the country in which you come from. It depends on the inflation rate. It depends on the cost of each vaccine in your country.

If the vaccines in your country that are required are expensive, therefore you expect your medical examination cost to go high. If it’s cheaper, then it goes low.

If you are currently residing in the United States, you are exempted from this vaccination.

The point is the vaccination cost is not determined by the United States government, not at all. It is not determined by the embassy as well. It is solely dependent on those factors that have been discussed above, including the cost of those vaccination in your country.

So if you are a DV winner and you are waiting for this for your second notification letter or you have received it and you have booked the appointment or you are just on the point of booking the appointment, then prepare the immunization record. That would be very, very much important.

I hope you’ve gotten all the details of the guide.

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