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Engineers of all stripes are in high demand in Canada, worldwide. Employment opportunities are many if you hold a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) certification in your name. In Canada, qualified engineers are scarce in virtually all engineering specialties. Civil engineering technician has risen to the top of the in-demand engineering occupations since last year, while the director of engineering has slipped to the eighth position.

Engineering Jobs Positions that you can apply:

  • Civil Engineers

Civil engineering technicians provide support to engineers in various fields such as structural engineering, construction, environmental engineering, and transportation, among others. They assist with drafting, drawing up plans, preparing reports, and other support tasks.

  • Quality assurance technicians

Quality assurance technicians, also known as quality control technicians, are primarily employed in the manufacturing industry and are responsible for monitoring manufacturing processes to verify that the final product their employer creates complies with a predetermined set of rules. The ultimate goal is to provide a consistent, high-quality finished product.

  • Engineering managers

Engineering project managers are in charge of engineering projects. Their responsibilities are quite similar to those of project engineers in that they are generally in charge of overseeing project requirements and execution. They do, however, have an additional leadership component to their job description and are expected to supervise other engineers as well.

  • Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineering is a broad term that includes a variety of different disciplines. Industrial engineering is a subfield of mechanical engineering that is concerned with the optimisation of systems and machinery. It is frequently employed in various industries, including manufacturing, energy, and information technology. Because of the wide range of applications of industrial engineering, it is a highly versatile specialty.

  • Project engineer

Engineers who specialize in projects are in high demand across the country since they are considered the project managers of the engineering industry. Project engineers are in charge of steering engineering projects in the right direction, keeping other engineers on track, and overseeing the management of bids, specifications, and materials.

  • Project Leader

The project manager’s responsibility is to ensure that all investigations within the Manufacturing and Production divisions at the Richmond Hill facility are performed in a timely and effective way. Verifies that defined procedures are followed in all studies and that corrective and preventative actions are put in place when necessary.

What is the average salary of Engineering Jobs in Canada?

Engineers earn an average of $75,200 per year on the average. The lowest-paid ten percent of engineers earn $45,900 or less per year on average. The top ten percent of earners can expect to take home more than $104,500 every year. Because of the skills shortages in this area, the number of high earners in this sector may have increased due to companies’ willingness to pay more to obtain their required capabilities. You can still carryout your research for more details.

What types of engineering positions are in high demand in Canada?

The most in-demand engineering careers in Canada, according to current job trends, include:

  • Electrical engineer.
  • Mechanical engineer (including mechanical design).
  • Project engineer (including project management).
  • Other positions.

How to Find and Apply Engineering Jobs in Canada

It is your duty to look for those job openings which are available for international candidates. Any friend living in Canada can find a job for you, or the best ways to search jobs online on the authentic job websites, job portals for Canada jobseekers, such as JobBank Canada, Ca.Indeed, Glassdoor, Saskjobs, etc.

Type in the search result “Engineering Jobs”. It will list jobs. You will learn more about all details and the application process for foreign workers, Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada.

How much money can I expect to make as an engineer in Canada?

A typical engineer in Canada earns 75200 CAD per year, according to

Which engineering stream should I choose in Canada, and why?

Electricity engineering, computer science engineering, and mechanical engineering are three of Canada’s most famous engineering streams.

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In conclusion

Working at Engineering Jobs provides numerous prospects for advancement and achievement. You’ll find possibilities to advance and broaden your professional experience, as well as the chance to test out intriguing positions in a variety of departments.

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