The First Email Response From KCC | How to Request Your Case Status From KCC


This guide will focus on the first email response you will receive from KCC, after you have submitted your DS-260 form, how to request for your Case Status from KCC and all the possible responses that you might get from KCC.

These responses come after you have sent KCC an email requesting the status of your case.

There are several email all along the DV journey that you can possibly get from KCC when you send a request email.

After the selection, you find out that you are successful and you have filled your DS-260 form and finished up submitting it. After some time, you may decide to request KCC to know the progress of your case. Below is the first kind of response that you can get from KCC.

The First Email Response From KCC

This is the sample email that you might receive in response, and the email says:

Thank you for your inquiry.

Your forms have been received and are currently processing. Allow several weeks for processing. Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing.

Once the KCC has finished processing your DS 260, you will receive an email from Kentucky Consular Center giving you instruction to complete in order for your case to continue processing.

In order for the KCC to assist with inquiries regarding a specific Diversity Visa (DV) case, you must provide the principal applicant’s full name, complete case number, and the date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY), as entered in the original entry.

Please remember that KCC does not have the authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be disqualified. Only a consular officer can do that at the time of your visa interview. Do not send any papers to Kentucky Consular Center. For additionally information, please refer to the following…………………..

This might be the first response that you might receive immediately after submitting the DS-260 form, and the DS-260 form has not yet been completely processed.

If KCC has not opened your DS-260 yet, or they are in the process of processing it, then this kind of email will come in response to your email requesting the status of your case.

As stated from the email, interviews are processed numerically, i.e in the interviews, they follow one another from the lowest case number all the way to the highest case number, on case numbers that have completed processing.


For all DS-260 forms that have been submitted and they have been processed, the interviews will be scheduled numerically.

But if you have not submitted your DS-260 form and your case is low, definitely you will not be scheduled for the interview before another one with higher case number that’s submitted before you.

How to Request Your Case Status From KCC

When sending the email request to KCC, you must provide three things, i.e

  • the principal applicant’s full names as you entered in the original entry,
  • the complete case number, including the preceding zeros, and
  • the principal applicants birth date in this format, month, day, then year.

Every time you send a request email to KCC, include those three things.

KCC is not authorized to tell you whether you will be successful or disqualified. For you to get the results, whether you will be successful in the interview or not, this is the work of the Embassies and the consulates.

The consular officer after interviewing you and receiving the details from KCC and going through the details, he or she is the one to determine whether you will be successful or disqualified.

This will be the first letter before your DS-260 has been opened by KCC or is in the process of being processed.

Below are other email responses that you might receive from KCC:

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