The Fourth Email Response From KCC | When Your Case is Current for DV Interview Processing

The fourth email response that you might get from KCC.

Note: There are other series of Email Response From KCC that you might get. Today we will learn the fourth email response that you might get from KCC.

The Fourth Email Response From KCC

Thank you for your inquiry.

Your case number is now current for interview processing. Once the interview date has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email to check

If you need to make changes to your DS-260, you should contact your consular section where you will be interviewed or bring the information about your changes to the interview appointment. Because your case is ready to be scheduled, KCC can no longer unlock your application.

In order for Kentucky Consular Center to assist you with inquiries regarding a specific Diversity Visa (DV) case, you must provide the principal applicant’s full name, complete case number, and the date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY) as entered on the original entry.

Please remember that KCC does not have authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be disqualified. Only a consular officer can do that at the time of your visa interview.

Do not send any paper document to KCC. For additional information, please refer to the following……………………………

This is the fourth response that you should expect. Clearly, as you can see, this says that your case number is current for interview processing. You only get this response after your case has become current.

Let’s say you’ve checked the visa bulletin, and you realized that your case number lays below the cut-off number indicated on the visa bulletin. That means that your case number is now current and you are qualified to be scheduled for an interview in the mentioned month of the visa bulletin.

You should be anticipating for the long anticipated 2NL.

Few things to note:

This email has revealed some important information, and that is about updating the DS-260 form after your interview has become current. If your case has become current, this means that KCC now has no authority to unlock your case.

If you realize that you have made some mistakes or you have something that you need to update, then it says, “once your case is current, the only way that you can do the changes is by contacting the consular section.” That is the embassy of your interview and is the only way because they are the only one who can unlock at this point, KCC has no authority to unlock a case that is current.

Alternatively, it says, go with those changes that you are intending to do to the interview. At the interview, you are able to change those details and you do this specifically on the first desk that you go, where your request is for the documents, you can do the changes.

This is the major point that has been emphasized by this note.

Note: Do not send any paper documentation to KCC. Initially, after filling the DS-260 form, you were supposed to send the papers to KCC for them to process and then wait for the interview and again go with the paper. This process was scrapped off.

So after filling the DS-260 form, you only are required to wait for the second notification letter (2NL), and after you get the second notification letter, then you can go with the documents to the interview.

Below are other email responses that you might receive from KCC:

Question: Can you transfer your case when your case has been processed and your case is current on the bulletin too?

Answer: If current, KCC has no authority to open DS-260 for you to edit. However email KCC for the changes, to see their response.

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