How To Correct Mistakes/Errors On The DS-260 Before The Interview


How to Correct Mistake on DS-260 After Submitting: There is this question, can I update my DS-260 once I have filled it up and submitted? Or What if I realized that I made mistakes, can I request unblocking for me to update my DS-260?

First of all, once you’ve completed filling the DS-260 and you have submitted it, the system will show the DS-260 as completed. When the form status show completed, it is locked for editing. You cannot edit it.

But remember, an accurately filled DS-260 form is very essential for the success of your case.

Back to this question, Can I update my DS-260 form once I have submitted it? The answer is yes, you can update it. But how?

How to Correct Mistake on DS-260 After Submitting

If you need to change anything in your DS-260 form, you’ll have to email the KCC asking them to unlock your DS-260, so that you can make the changes.

Below is a sample email you can use it to request KCC to unlock the principals DS-260:

How to Correct Mistake on DS-260 After Submitting

The KCC email address is as shown above is You can see on the main body of the email, is requesting the KCC to unlock the DS-260, meaning the principal applicant’s DS-260.

The subject of the mail as shown, will read “Unlock Request”. In the body of the email, you will have to be specific, you will include your names (that is the first name, the middle name and the last name).

You will have to indicate your case number, indicate your date of birth, the American format.

Then you will have to tell the KCC which DS-260 form they are to unlock for you. This sample shows the principal applicant unlocking. This email will request the KCC to unlock the part of the principal applicant for review, to unlock the DS-260 for the derivatives.

As you can see in the body of the email, you will have to specify to KCC which derivatives DS-260 form you want them to unlock for you for revision.

There is no limitation to the number of times you can ask KCC to unlock your DS-260 form for revision.

Note that the interviewing Consular Officer will be able to know the number of changes that you did. But you have not to worry about that because it not affect anything.

Also note that you cannot request unlocking once your interview has been scheduled, because at this point, it is only the embassy that can unlock your DS-260 form.

Will the unlocking of the DS-260 leads to the delay of the scheduling of my interview?

If your case is going to be current in many months to come, then there’s no concern about delay. But if your case will be current in the near future, then the answer may be no or possibly yes in some cases.

For example, if you are requesting the unlock to add the details of a newborn, then this will not cause any delay.

But if you are requesting unlock for you to add maybe your spouse, since this is a grown up, an adult, and he or she has to go through some background checks, then this means there’ll be some delay.

Another example that may cause some delay is when you request unlocking for you to add travel details. If you are adding travel details of a country that has cases with terrorism, definitely they’ll have to do some background checks of the travels. So this can cause some delay.

Also, if your case is going to be current soon and then request unlocking for you to revise your dates of birth or name, there might be some possible delays.

Some minor changes like changing the address in the United States or the work experience might not cause any delay. But remember, it’s better to get some delay, but have a correctly filled up DS-260 form because it will determine your success at the embassy.

So request unlocking for you to make the necessary changes. Do not consider delays. Another point to note is that requesting for unlocking towards the end of the processing year.

Let’s say for example, you request for unlocking in the month of July, then it might be impossible for the unlocking. This is because the KCC will not be having enough time to schedule for your interview.

Therefore, it is important for you to request the KCC to unlock your DS-260 form as soon as possible. As early as you realize there is mistake, make sure you request for unlocking for you to update your DS-260.

That’s all about unblocking and updating your DS-260.

I hope the information was useful to you.

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