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How to Get Government Scholarship to Study Abroad

Scholarships are helping a lot of students round the world achieve their academic dream, this article reveals some awesome scholarship opportunities provided and funded by the government for college students who want to study abroad.

While for top study-abroad countries we’ve written scholarship articles like that on full-tuition scholarship opportunities that are open to eligible students round the world, we’ve also decided to require out time to release this text on government scholarships.

One good thing about government scholarships is that they’re always fully funded, sustainable, easy and free to apply. The challenge with winning them is that they’re very competitive.

Sometimes you’ll not even know when the application portal for these government scholarships open and shut, or even you’ll get to be aware about them once they are about to close.

This is why we dedicate time here at Study Abroad Nations to give free guidance and expose you to opportunities to study abroad. If you follow us, you’ll study new scholarship opportunities before their deadlines.

About Government Scholarships

Scholarships come from many different sources but they’re grouped into two major sources; A scholarship is either funded by the government or by some individuals or corporate body source such as charity foundation or sponsored by a person.

The thing is, if you’ve got financial constraints but still want to attain your academic goals by studying abroad it’s knowledgeable if you apply for government-funded scholarships for international students offered by the government of that country or by your own government.

It is an out of this world character that governments from some countries come together, generate scholarship funds especially for international students to come and study in their country for free of charge in all degree levels.

Based on research, below are 10 high paying government scholarships for studying abroad but before that, let run through some necessary application steps.

How To Apply for government Scholarships to study Abroad

Step 1: Making Extensive Research

Make extensive research concerning scholarships including contacting your preferred university study abroad office, ask the professors, academic advisors, friends and family about scholarships that they know of.

Step 2: Applying for Several Opportunities

Apply for many scholarships as possible because the more you apply the more your Chances are more increased. Always use search engines and newspapers to get to know and apply for scholarships.

Step 3: Early Application

Begin an early application and run it as thoroughly and quickly as much as you can. Sometimes the review of scholarship applications is stopped even before the deadline of the scholarship program once a huge number of qualified applicants are recorded.

So automatically, those that applied late are totally not considered despite their qualification.

Step 4: Ensure Certainty of Letter of recommendation

A letter of recommendation would be needed during the application process. It might be best to get your recommendation letter written by a professor in your school or a college you’ve obtained any degree from before or by your immediate employer if you’re already working and he/she got a good academic profile.

Step 5: Ensure Satisfactory Grades

Be sure you’ve got a brilliant grade before you start to apply for a scholarship to study abroad because the providers want to make sure it’s given to students with outstanding academic potentials.

Step 6: Get Your Passport Ready

Your international passport should be ready. While you’ll obtain a student visa after admission and scholarship has been issued. You need an international passport in most cases to even apply for the scholarship or to clear if selected.

Government Scholarships For Studying Abroad

DAAD Scholarship

This scholarship is funded annually by the German Academic Exchange Service and it goes to thousands potential students from all parts of the globe to come and study their preferred field in their preferred university in Germany.

The scholarship supports both undergraduate and professional degrees, depending on the one you’re able to study at the time.

Japanese Government Scholarship

This is a fully-funded scholarship provided by the Japanese government to a world student who wishes to review in Japanese universities, it’s known to be numerous and you ought to equally consider applying for it.

Australian Scholarship Award

This is a fully-funded scholarship grant offered by the Australian government yearly to eligible working-class students. The grant is known to accommodate up to 3000 master scholarships available to students from any part of the globe.

Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme is funded by the United Kingdom government and has about 6 different scholarship programs under this scheme, so make extensive research and know the one you’ll choose.

New Zealand Government Development Scholarship

This is a fully-funded scholarship by the New Zealand government and awarded to choose students mostly from developing countries and offers them the prospect to study a selected subject that might help within the development of their country.

Chinese Government Award Scholarship

The Chinese government scholarship is fully funded and hospitable both its citizens and international students and its supported by countless foundations making it one among one of the numerous scholarships offered by the Chinese government.

The scholarship here is fully funded and awards up to 1,500 scholarships yearly to international students, this scholarship gives you the chance to become a part of an influential worldwide network of 44,000 alumni.

Note: This is just an article to guide you on How to Get a Government Scholarship to Study Abroad. is not offering any scholarship or have any affiliation with any agency or government or organization.


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