Common Job Interview Questions and Answers (How to PASS Job Interview)

It will be great if you know exactly what questions a hiring manager is going to ask you in your next job interview. Job interview questions and answers.

We can’t read minds, unfortunately, but from this post article are list of most commonly asked interview questions, along with perfect example answers to them all, which anyone can use.

These frequently asked questions touch on the essentials hiring managers want to know about every candidate. They may not ask you exactly these questions in exactly these words, but if you have answers in mind for them, you’ll be prepared for just about anything the interviewer throws your way.

Common Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Tell Me About Yourself

This question seems simple but many people always fail to give the perfect answer to it because they fail to prepare for it, but it’s crucial.

When the hiring manager or interview ask you this question, don’t give your complete employment (or personal) history. Instead, give a pitch, especially one that’s concise and compelling and that shows exactly why you’re the right fit for the job.

Talk a little bit about your current role (including the scope and perhaps one big accomplishment), then give some background as to how you got there and experience you have that’s relevant.

  1. How Did You Hear About the Position?

How did you hear about this position is a common interview question. What does the interviewer want to hear from your answer to the question? They want to hear that you are applying for this job is not just an impulse decision, but that you have wanted to work for their company for some time. Even if you found the listing through a random job board, share what, specifically, caught your eye about the role.

  1. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Do your research and point to something that makes the company unique that really appeals to you; talk about how you’ve watched the company grow and change since you first heard of it; focus on the organization’s opportunities for future growth and how you can contribute to it; or share what’s gotten you excited from your interactions with employees so far. Whichever route you choose, make sure to be specific.

  1. Why Do You Want This Job?

This is one of the common interview question recruiters ask. You should have a great answer about why you want the position because companies want to hire people who are passionate about the job.

First, identify a couple of key factors that make the role a great fit for you, then share why you love the company.

  1. Why should we hire you?

There are many common questions recruiter always ask jobs applicant during interview time, why should we hire you is one of these common questions. This interview question seems forward, but if you’re asked it, you’re in luck.

You need to let them know that fit in with the team and culture; and that you’d be a better hire than any of the other candidates.

These are the top most commonly asked interview questions, with examples of the best answers. Also review job-specific interview questions for many different positions to get ideas for framing your own interview responses.

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