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Important things about Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for DV Interview

This guide explains details about everything that you should know about the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), which are very important for your DV interview.

If you are a selectee in the diversity visa program, and that means you are now waiting to complete the process, you are supposed to know about the Police Clearance certificate.

Very Important Things About PCC You Should Know and Do

1. The very first important thing that you should know is that, every person in your application that is above the age of 16 years, is required to have his or her police clearance certificate for the DV lottery interview.

2. Another thing is that, you should have the police clearance certificate that is not older than two years, and to be more specific, not older than 24 months. Though this brings contradiction because you can ask, in my country, the police clearance certificate only expires after one year or others may still say, in my country, it expires after six months. What do I do?

According to the regulations by KCC regarding the diversity visa is that a police clearance certificate is considered valid 24 months after you obtained it.

So the time you got issued with the police clearance certificate, count from that time and up to 24 months, the certificate still remains valid according to the embassies, the United States embassy.

Therefore, if in your country your certificate expires within a period of six months, it still remains valid for the DV interview until the 24th month.

3. The other thing that you’re supposed to know about the police clearance certificate, is that you need to have or to obtain police clearance certificates of all those countries that you have lived in for more than one year in your past life after the age of 16 years.

From all those countries and from the age of 16, you should get police clearance certificate from all those countries in which you have stayed for more than one year and you were above 16 years of age. You need to get the police clearance certificates from those countries.

On the same note, if you have a police clearance certificate from those countries and you took them long time ago, but at the time you are departing from that country, the certificate had not expired. That certificate, you can use it during your diversity visa interview.

If you are living in a certain country and you stayed there for more than one year, and while living there, you had obtained a valid police clearance certificate, and at the time you are moving out of that country permanently, the certificate had not expired.

The same certificate, you can use it at this time, even if you got it long time ago. You can use it as the police clearance certificate during your DV interview.

4. The other thing that you need to know about the police clearance certificate is that, if you are currently a selectee, you are a DV winner, you can obtain the police clearance certificate now and you will still be able to use that certificate in your DV interview.

Because from the time you check your results to the time the DV program fiscal year ends, that time does not even cover 24 months because it’s from May of this year and up to September of the following year. And if you count the months, 24 months will not have expired.

If you’re reading this guide at this time and you are a DV lottery winner, you can still apply for the Police Clearance Certificate at this time and it will still be valid at the time you’re going for the interview.

It is safer for you to get your Police Clearance certificate if you are DV selectee as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays at your interview.

Because you can get your second notification letter and you’ve not yet applied for the Police Clearance certificate, and let’s say in your country it takes some time to get that Police Clearance certificate and you cannot be able to get the Police Clearance certificate before the interview date, then you’ll be risking your dates because you cannot attend the interview without the Police Clearance certificate.

So the earlier you obtain your Police Clearance certificate, the better for your interview, and that means it might not lead to any delay or postponement of your interview on the reason that you are not able to get the Police Clearance certificate on time.

It’s better to get the police clearance certificate as early as you can to prevent such circumstances from occurring.

Those are some of the basic and important things regarding the Police Clearance certificate. Take note of them and act accordingly.

Some Questions and Answers About Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Question: Is there a format for this dv rotary pcc or its common one?

Answer: No, every country has a different format.

Question: Supposing I win green card and get married to US citizen afterwards, had applied as single, can I still continue as single or they will know that am married? And my spouse would also be my host too.

Answer: When you win fill married and add him on DS-260.

Question: I have a passport as a main applicant, supposed I be selected on May this year, is it possible for me to use that passport to fill for my children??

Answer: Yes, but just for DS-260 submission then get the children passports because you can’t get through the interview without their passports.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

If you have any questions about the DV lottery, please contact an immigration professional/officer or a licensed attorney.


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