The Third Email Response From KCC | When Requesting Your Case Status From KCC

Still on the email responses that you might receive once you send a request to KCC about the current status of your case. This guide will focus on the third response that you might receive from KCC.

The Third Email Response From KCC | When Requesting Your Case Status From KCC

Below is a sample of third email response you might receive from KCC:

“Thank you for your inquiry.

Records indicate you have submitted a complete and valid DS-260 application for each family member, and you have provided all required documentation to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC).

Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have been completed processing.

Please refer to the Visa bulletin at to locate the current numbers being processed. This bulletin is updated after every 15th day of each month.

Once an interview date has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email to check the

In order for Kentucky Consular Center to assist with inquiries regarding a specific Diversity Visa (DV) case, you must provide the principal applicant’s full name, complete case number, and date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY) as entered in the original entry.

Please remember that KCC does not have authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be disqualified. Only the Consular Officer can do that at the time of your interview.

Do not send any paper documents to KCC. For additional information, follow the following……………….”

This is the third email response. From previously guide, we saw an email response that you might get once your DS-260 has been completely processed.

The above email follows after checking with them and you waited for some time and still your case number is not current, and later on you request the status of your case, then you might receive this email.

It says, records show that you have already submitted a complete DS-260 form for all the members, and it is a valid DS-260 form. It also says that interviews are scheduled numerically from low case number to the highest case numbers.

It insists on the importance of checking the Visa bulletin that is released after the 15th day of every month, to know the status of the cases that are current. It says that only the Consular Officer can tell you whether you are successful or not, and not the KCC.

It also says that once your interview has been scheduled, once your case is current, and once the Embassy has some vacancies, then you will receive your second notification letter and that is the letter informing your date of interview.

That is it about the Third Email Response you might receive from KCC, when requesting your Case Status from KCC. I hope you are now conversant with this email because you might receive this email response.

Below are other email responses that you might receive from KCC:

Thank you for reading this guide.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About DS-260 Form and Case Number

Question: When filling the DS-260 form for a family, is it only the principal applicant passport number that is required.

Answer: For all.

Question: Did this email means that the DS-260 have been processed?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you fill the DS-260 form without the passport?

Answer: No, as the principal applicant you have to have it.

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