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What are the immigration policies for Switzerland? | Switzerland Immigration Requirements

What is the process of becoming a citizen of Switzerland as a current U.S citizens? This is a question someone asked in reddit forum/community.

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What are the immigration policies for Switzerland?

Below is the question someone asked:

Question: What is the process of becoming a citizen of Switzerland as a current U.S citizens?

Below is the answer or respond that was given to the person:

“You generally need to start with a temporary residency permit. You’ll typically get these by either being married to a Swiss/EU citizen, or having a Swiss employer sponsor a work permit by proving they can’t find a Swiss/EU citizen to do the job.

After renewing the temporary residency permit for 5 years (Americans/Canadians/EU) or 10 years (other countries), all while maintaining your marriage or employment throughout that period, you can apply for permanent residency (C permit).

After obtaining the permanent residency permit, you can then apply for naturalization as a Swiss citizen. You’ll need to fulfill a bunch of conditions: 10 year residency, no absences more than 6 months in the last 5 years, pass written and oral tests in either French, German, Italian or Romansh, have not claimed welfare. Being married to a Swiss citizen halves the time to 5 years.

Cantons can impose additional naturalization requirements. In smaller Swiss cantons, direct democracy means that the town votes on your naturalization application. If the vote fails to pass, you don’t get to become a citizen.”

What are the immigration policies for Switzerland? Use the comment box below to drop your respond. Thanks.

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