What next after winning the DV Lottery? | How to fill DS-260 Form


Congratulations to DV Lottery Winners. What are the next step after winning DV lottery? After you have checked your DV lottery result and you realize that you have won, what will be the next steps?

In this guide, we will learn about what next after you checked your DV Entrant Status and realized you’ve won the DV lottery.

What are the next step after winning DV lottery?

The next step will be to fill the DS-260 form, theĀ Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application. If you are a foreign national and you are among those successful selected for DV lottery, you are required to submit this online form.

This form is the form that will carry all the information of yourself together with those of your derivatives.

When you start filling the DS-260, it is advisable you feel it in stages. Don’t rush to feel it within a single day you, can fill it bit by bit. Fill one bit, that bit that you have filled, the documents and everything, save it, go and get the other documents and then continue to fill, then save.

For example, you might be having all the details that you have for yourself, the passports and everything, but you might not be having those for your derivatives, you are dependent.

Fill in your part, then save, go and apply the passport for your derivatives, your dependence. Get the passport, get everything they need, then come back again, open the form, fill those details and then save.

You go to the next step, there is a part where they need your host details, where your documents will be sent to the address of your host. So you go on, find your host, look for a host, request for their details, their address and everything that they need in that DS-260 form, then come back, reopen the form, fill it correctly and then save it.


Go on to fill every document bit by bit, every part of the document. It may take days, it may take a month, but make sure you feel bit by bit and in a relaxed state that you may feel correctly.

Then, after you’ve filled everything and you’ve confirmed again and again, then that’s the time when you comfortably submit and wait for the Second Notification Letter (2NL).

The DS-260 filling process should not be done in a single day, for you to be accurate, fill bit by bit, slowly by slowly, until it is complete, and then when you are sure that the details are correct, then submit it and wait for the next step.

How to fill DS-260 Form

In my next guide, you will learn how to fill DS-260 form bit by bit without making any mistakes.

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it was so informative.

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