Why Did You Choose This University? BEST ANSWERS to this University Admissions Interview Question!


In this article you will learn how to answer the University admissions interview question, “why did you choose this University?” You will learn two brilliant answers to this interview question.

So it doesn’t matter which University you are hoping to join. If you have an admissions interview coming up, you will need to answer this question, “Why did you choose this University?” To help you answer the question, below are things these article will cover:

  • You will learn four things you must include in your answer.
  • You will learn the exact keywords and phrases to use in your response.
  • You will learn what the University interview panel wants to hear from your answer.
  • You will also learn two brilliant sample answers to the question, “Why did you choose this University” to help you pass your admissions interview.

What the University interview panel wants to hear?

  • They want to hear that you are going to dedicate your time at University to quality study, learning and development.
  • They want to hear that you will contribute to the University campus in a positive way.
  • They want to hear that you have considered carefully their University and that you have genuine reasons for studying there.
  • They want to hear that you understand how much work is involved and that you will be an organized committed student.

So those are the four things we are going to consider when creating our answer to this question.

3 Important tips to answer the Question

Tip 1: Be positive and enthusiastic in your answer. Show that you really want to study at their university.

Tip 2: Show that you’ve carried out some research into their University you’ve studied online. Perhaps you’ve spoken to other students and you have also taken the time to study in detail the contents of the program you are hoping to study there.

Tip 3: Make sure you align your future career goals to studying at their University.

Why did you choose this university answers

Below are two brilliant sample answers to the interview question, “Why did you choose this University”

Question: Why did you choose this University?

Answer 1:

“I have chosen this University for four reasons. Number one, I carried out extensive research into the University, your track record of achievement and the support you provide for your students.

During my research, everything pointed to this being a positive, supportive, and encouraging place for me to learn and study.

Number two, it is evident that the vice Chancellor, the lecturers, and the heads of departments want to create an environment that is conducive to quality education, and I feel this University is the place I will get the most out of my time whilst I am here.


Number three, there are many universities offering this program. However, having studied the program content closely, I believe the depth of knowledge I will gain in respect of the subject matter, the level of expertise and knowledge that lecturers have, and the wider communication and interpersonal skills I will gain make it my number one choice.

Finally, I have chosen this University because I believe my long term career goals can only be achieved if my time at University is not only highly productive but to a standard that is respected by the industry I want to work in.

This University is the only place I want to study and I give you my assurances that I will be a positive role model and someone who is supportive of other students too.”

That is a brilliant answer to the interview question, “Why did you choose this University?” Let look at another sample answer.

Answer 2:

“Prior to applying to study at this University, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the facilities and the standard of tuition on offer. The University ticks all the boxes regarding what I am looking for from my education and the environment I wish to study in.

I spoke to several students who have already studied at this University and they all had positive things to say. Both the standards of teaching and the passion the lecturers have for their subject matter were just two highlights from the feedback I received.

From my research, it also became apparent that the University genuinely cares about the progress and development of its students, and I want to spend my time in a positive environment where I will be given every opportunity to succeed.

In addition to studying this program and gaining the necessary grades, it is important that I develop a wide base of professional and interpersonal skills that I can then take forward into the workplace.

Again, I believe I will get all of this whilst studying at this University and I give you my assurance is that, if I am fortunate enough to be offered a place here, I will work hard to achieve my goals whilst being a positive role model both on and off campus.”

That is another top scoring answer, a really strong positive one.

Thank you very much for reading this article and I wish you all the best for passing your University admissions interview.