5 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)


A statement of purpose (SOP) is an essay that highlights your educational background, goals, and achievements. In an SOP, you should share why you would like to study your desired program at the University of your Choice. In this post, you will learn 5 mistakes to avoid while writing statement of purpose.

A statement of purpose must show a candidate’s educational qualification, data analytical skills, and leadership since universities look for students with strong and varied interests and relevant experience.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Statement of Purpose

Below are five(5) key pointers that cannot be considered nugatory while drafting your SOP.

  1. Dull Introduction

The intro paragraph of your SOP can make or break your chances to be a part of the university. The member of the admission committee must have read a slew of applications. So, to hook their attention, you should start with an impressive line that surfaces your academics, confidence, and intentions. Moreover, do not fixate on self-introduction; it should mirror your academic field of interest and your inclination toward the university.

  1. Last-minute Writing Hassle

There is abundant information about how to write a Statement of Purpose over the internet. So, if you think that copying those cliche statements will get you through the admission process, then it’s time to rethink it!

Rather, you should start your SOP writing process months before your admission process. Moreover, check the university’s official website not to exceed the desirable word limit.

  1. Informal Writing Style

You might have come across many Statement of Purpose Samples with informal writing styles. So, if you thought it would make it easier to draft one with an informal tone, you are mistaken over here. It is suggested to keep your SOP crisp and adhere to a formal tone. In tandem with this, avoid the usage of slang.

  1. Not Proofreading

Why lose a chance to secure a seat due to a misspelling or a grammatical issue in your SOP? Thus, to write a unique-and-flawless SOP, it is paramount to proofread it. You can also ask your friends or family members to do so. Moreover, ensure to read it after a few days after completing it. This will curtail the chances of a blind spot while eliminating any errors.

  1. Incorrect or Plagiarized Information

Finding an impressive Statement of Purpose Sample on the internet and tweaking the same won’t help you to be noticed by the admission panel. Your SOP should be unique to ensure that you avoid plagiarism.

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