Factory Workers: Jobs Descriptions, Jobs Requirements, including the Immigration Pathways and Application Sites


Factory Workers Jobs: Do you know that factory workers are high-demanded in Canada? This is great opportunity to immigrate to Canada as a foreigner factory worker. Factory workers are recruited in most of the major provinces and cities of Canada i.e., Toronto, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Scarborough, Brampton, and Edmonton, etc.

Factory workers jobs in Canada are available in production and manufacturing industries with multiple staff requirements. Is this your dream to move to Canada? If yes, then proceed, as you  will see how to get a job as a factory worker and immigrate to Canada in a short time.

Canadian factories offer their employees competitive wages, affordable health benefits, great work-life balance, and a pleasing working atmosphere. They also provide job security and the opportunity for career growth. You do not require any experience to be eligible for this job. Likewise, you can apply for this job with a secondary school or a high school certificate. Salary for factory workers are range between 15 to 25 Canadian dollars per hour with shifts. You can also do more research for this. Many vacant positions are available across factories in Canada.

Different types of jobs you can apply for immigration pathways, employment, requirements and the steps to follow too

Immigrate to Canada as a factory worker

Factory Working Jobs in Canada includes a list of jobs such as Factory Helper, Factory Labourer, Packaging Worker, Manufacturing Worker and Labourer, Elemental Worker, General Labourer, Food and Beverage Production Worker, Plastic Composite Worked, Construction Worker/Labourer, Textile Factory Worker, Meat Processing Worker, Warehouse Worker, Biscuit Factory Helper, Chocolate Factory Helper, Cheese Factory Worker, Food Processing Worker, Labourer, General-Manufacturing, General Labour, Factory Labourer-Manufacturing, Helper Factory, Cheese Factory Worker, Technicians, Maintenance Workers, Drivers and more.

These sets of workers work in factories to perform material handling, cleanup, packaging, and other elemental activities in processing, manufacturing, and utilities. They perform specific duties related to their respective and designated area of duties.

Requirements to work in Canada as a factory worker

These requirements are divided into two:

  • the general requirement to work in Canada and;
  • the specific requirements to work in Canada as a factory worker.

Most importantly, as Canada as a bilingual country, have the ability to communicate in either English or French or both. When it comes to qualifications, usually the factory workers are expected to hold minimum education of a high school diploma or equivalent. Having an apprenticeship certification would be of great benefit on the job. Having experience is not mandatory, Candidates can apply to various jobs application without past working experience.

To an overview of requirements, the factory workers must be able to stand and walk long times and the minimum weight fixed by national labour law. You should be physically fit and should be able to work under pressure. You should have the ability to perform simple logical, math problems and follow all health and safety procedures are also essential. Training is usually provided for this job. You can also gather proof of the experiences you have from your previous working places. Also, you must be 18 years and above to immigrate to Canada as a factory worker.


  • The employees get Insurance, Health, and Wellness benefits
  • The employees get Workers Compensation benefits
  • The employees get various bonus such as Performance, Overtime, Annual Company Bonus benefits

Different types of factories to work in Canada

Factory workers jobs in Canada are available in production and manufacturing industries with multiple staff requirements. The manufacturing industry is extremely diverse. These factories are responsible for producing nearly everything that consumers purchase.

Factory working jobs generally include working in the production units. Factory workers are responsible for the production of the final goods that their factory produces. Factory workers’ major responsibilities include performing lite item works, maintaining clean working surroundings, and meeting a minimum output level that has been specified by their supervisor or employer.

You can apply for different types of factory jobs, which includes manufacturing laborers, machine operator, packaging laborers, mechanical engineer, factory manager, factory assistant, manufacturing manager, information technology manager, electrician, operations manager, manufacturing engineer, general laborer, service technician.


Factory workers in Canada have to perform the manufacturing of products in large quantities. The factory workers may/or may not have to work in shift basis like first, second, or third shifts. The factory workers may have to work additional time as the workload of a factory increases. The factory workers may have the options to work part-time or full time working hours. The factory workers generally have to work in a production house or warehouse setting.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada as a factory worker

  • Express Entry System

Choose the right option that goes in line with your occupation from any of these sub-pathways like Canada Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Federal Skilled Trades Program. These three are the fastest pathway to immigrate to Canada. You just have to meet the right age, educational qualification, medical health, and other basic requirements.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

It is an organized program established by a province. All Canadian provinces have their qualification for immigrants who want to work in their province. In addition, after choosing a pathway that will help you go through an application and immigrate to Canada.

The next line of action is to get a job offer from a Canadian employer. Below is the step-by-step approach to landing a job as an international worker seeking to work abroad. You will then be notified to apply, but this happens when you qualify for any program under the Express Entry System. Take some time to search these immigration program that is easiest for you. After that, apply for a work permit when you land in Canada.

How to Find and Apply Factory Jobs in Canada

It is your duty to look for those job openings which are available for interested candidates/applicants. The best ways is to search jobs online on the authentic job websites, job portals for Canada jobseekers. For those looking to apply for Factory jobs in Canada, consider using any of the following application sites. You will get detailed information for companies and industries who are looking for factory workers.

Factory Worker Site 1 / APPLY NOW
Factory Worker Site 2 / APPLY NOW
Factory Worker Site 3 / APPLY NOW
Factory Worker Site 4 / APPLY NOW

It will list jobs. You will learn more about all details and the application process for foreign workers, Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada. Before applying, always do proper research by yourself. It would not be hard to move to Canada as a factory worker as this occupation is highly in demand. You must prepare strong resume while applying for the job. If the position is fit for you and the basic requirements are fulfilled then you can now apply (along with your resume).

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LinkedIn: Another professional networking site where job seekers can find factory job postings and connect with potential employers.

In all, with the above information you will get to know all about factory working jobs in Canada requirements, responsibilities, other important details related to factory working jobs in Canada. Follow the application processes explained.

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