Why should you do a PhD? | 10 benefits of doing a PhD


Below are 10 benefits of doing a PhD:

1. Exposure: You will likely travel to another country or city for your PhD. During your PhD, you will also travel to different countries for conferences, workshops, research visits, and field trips. All of this will get you a lot of exposure. You will learn and experience many interesting things.

2. Career growth: One undeniable benefit of PhD is that it will boost your career. This is especially true for academics. Other than this, PhD qualification is also required to work in advanced positions in industry and government agencies.

3. Developing hard skills: You will develop deep technical skills in your field. For example, you will learn the implementation of ML/DL systems if your PhD is focused on AI. These deep technical skills will make you stand out among your competitors.

4. Developing soft skills: PhD will enrich your personality with several soft skills such as presentation, communication, collaboration, networking, critical thinking, and so on. You will often practice these during your PhD.

5. Growth in your professional network: You will interact with several individuals during your PhD. These interactions will happen in multiple places – conferences, workshops, seminars, and so on. This network will open doors for future opportunities.


6. Knowledge contributions: You will contribute to the body of knowledge in your field. This will get you a strong feeling of accomplishment. Your findings may have a direct impact on the well-being of people.

7. Resilience: Your PhD journey will test you in many ways – paper rejections, criticisms, financial hardships, and so on. All of this will make you resilient. Eventually, you will be unbreakable in front of many such challenges.

8. Problem solver: You will become a problem solver. Since most of the PhD is about identifying and solving complex problems, your mind will get trained for it. Then, this mindset can help you solve many non-research problems too.

9. Being paid to learn: Most PhD students have scholarships covering their tuition fees and living expenses. In return, you work on things you are passionate about and learn many skills.

10. Get you the title “Dr”: If you are interested in titles, PhD will get you that too. You can call yourself ‘Dr.‘ after successfully completing your PhD.