Diversity Visa Interview | Confirmation Notification After Submitting DS-260 to KCC


How do I know that KCC has received my DS-260, after I have submitted it? Does KCC send an email notification showing you that they have received your DS-260? This guide will give you answer to this questions.

Majority of those applicants that submitted their DS-260s, they don’t receive an email telling them that KCC has received their DS-260.

However, there are some cases that they received an email notification from KCC informing them that KCC has received their DS-260 form. Therefore, those are the two answers.

Sometimes KCC may send a notification to you saying that they have successfully received your DS-260, but many other times they might not send you the notification.

But, how do you know that KCC has received your DS-260 form?

Upon finishing your DS-260 and submitting it successfully, you will receive the confirmation page and this confirmation page has this information that will assure you that it has been successfully sent to KCC.

Confirmation Notification After Submitting DS-260 to KCC

Check sample of the confirmation page attached below:

Confirmation Notification After Submitting DS260 to KCC

It says….

“Thank you

You have successfully submitted an immigrant visa and alien registration application (form DS-260). You must bring to your visa interview proof that you submitted this form by printing a confirmation page using the below button.

Do not print a copy of this screen. Use the below print confirmation button to print a page with a unique barcode related to the visa application.


You can print a confirmation from this website at any time.”

That information is a confirmation by itself, that your DS-260 has been successfully submitted.

In conclusion

The above sample is the page that you are supposed to print and present it during your interview to the consular officer. You print it by clicking the button down below saying “Print”. Don’t print the website page, but click the “print” button for you to get the confirmation page printed with a unique barcode.

That is the confirmation of your successfully submitted DS-260 form.

Question: How do you know your case has been processed?

Answer: You can write to KCC and request

I hope the information is very clear.

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