Key Documents Needed for Scholarship Applications and their Samples


Documents needed for scholarship applications: Scholarship requirements can vary, but there are common documents that many institutions and organizations frequently request. The following documents are required for Scholarship applications to both Graduate and Undergraduate programs. Here’s a concise overview of each, with space for samples:

Documents Needed for Scholarship Applications

1️. Passport: Your official identification for international applications.

2️. CV (Curriculum Vitae): A detailed account of your academic and professional history.

Find samples here and how prepare an academic CV.

3️. Educational Certificates: This could be your Degree, BSc, HND, OND, High School, O’level, or NCE certificate, depending on the scholarship’s specifications/level of study.

4️. Academic Transcript: Your official academic record from your institution.

See samples from University of Bath:

5️. Statement of Intent/Letter of Motivation/SOP: A personal essay detailing your aspirations and reasons for applying.

Several samples: See How to write Statement of Purpose (SOP) with Samples, & Format

6️. English Proficiency Letter: A certification that proves your proficiency in the English language, though sometimes it’s optional. Like IELTS and TOEFL.

However, if you graduated from universities where English is the medium of instruction, an attestation letter from the Registrar or HOD might help.

7️. Recommendation Letters or Referee Contacts: Letters from professionals or academics vouching for your capabilities and character.


8️. Research Statement or Proposal: Particularly important for PhD applications, detailing your intended research scope and importance.

It’s important to note that not all scholarships require every document listed above. Sometimes, especially for lab-based PhD programs, starting with just your academic transcript can be enough to get the ball rolling. Always tailor your application according to the specific requirements of each scholarship opportunity. Best of luck in your pursuits!

Here are the top 20 PhD scholarships with their respective website links:

1. Fulbright Program:

2. Chevening Scholarships:

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates:


4. Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

5. Rhodes Scholarship:

6. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA):

7. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan:

8. DAAD Scholarships:

9. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:

10. Australia Awards Scholarships:

11. Schwarzman Scholars Program:

12. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships:

13. Chinese Government Scholarships:

14. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards:

15. Japanese Government Scholarships:

16. Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program:

17. Soros Fellowships for New Americans:

18. Korean Government Scholarship Program:

19. Netherlands Government Scholarship Program:

20. Erasmus+ Joint Doctorate Program:

These are 20 Scholarship Opportunities Websites that Can Support your Research Journey. Before applying, always ensure you cross-check each scholarship’s unique requirements. Best of luck with your applications!

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