Good And Painful Lessons We Can Learn From The Terminated DV-2023, As DV-2024 Winners


DV-2023 and DV-2024 lessons: If you are a DV lottery 2024 winner and you’re waiting for your interview because the interview period is just about to begin, that is exactly from October 1st to next year, September 30, 2024.

Also, if you are planning to take part in the DV lottery 2025, from 12:00PM EDT (GMT -4) on October 4, 2023 to 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) on November 7, 2023, then read this post well because you are going to learn much and it will help you even in this process.

What can we learn from the already concluded DV lottery 2023?

Remember, this is the DV lottery that was terminated or ended before the 30th of September as is usual. It was terminated exactly on 6th September this year, and that came as a surprise to lot of people.

What can we learn from this?

There are five lessons to learn from this concluded diversity visa lottery 2023.

KCC can exceed the limit: We all know that there are 55,000 visas allocated for the diversity visa lottery, for  last year DV 2022 and the DV 2023, and we’ve clearly seen KCC exceeding this limit.

For example, in this year, they have exceeded the 55,000 visa limit by about a thousand. So sometimes they can exceed the limit, and these visas include those from the embassy level, the consulate level, and also the adjustment of status.

The totality for this year exceeded the 55,000 mark by around 1,000 cases. That’s the first the things we can learn from the DV lottery 2023.

The next thing we can learn, and this is a painful one, is that KCC can terminate the process even before the fiscal year ends for that visa program. For this year, they terminated it on September 6.

It’s now clear that once the cap reached the limit, the 55,000 visa plus the few that they exit, they can terminate regardless of whether the period has ended or not. That’s what we can learn. They can terminate the process once they suffice what they’re supposed to do.

The third thing that we can learn from this, is that, after the termination of the process, before the fiscal year ends, even those that were scheduled for an interview, their interviews are canceled.

We have seen several interviews canceled once the process was terminated. This comes as a pain because when you get your second notification letter (2NL), the appointment to the interview, which means your interview has been scheduled and you know the date.

You need to visit the link inside the 2NL and follow all the steps. The steps include you certifying your documents and that requires money. It includes also you going for the medicals and the medicals are not as cheap. It also includes many steps that will cost you some money.


So regardless of whether you have gone through all those steps that prepares you for the interview, that is not an issue. Your interview will be canceled.

Once they terminate the process, regardless of the expenses that you have incurred, they will terminate and cancel your interview, and that is so painful.

Having known that, the other thing that we need to really learn from this, is that you should not do nothing that will put your interview at risk, that will put your visa approval at risk.

Having known all those things regarding the DV Lottery 2023, what we learned from it, know that you should not mess up with anything. When you get your appointment, do everything that is needed for you to have your visa approved.

Because if, for example, you come without one of the documents, the supporting documents, that normally lead you to be put to the 221G visa refusal. Let’s say you are put to that refusal, and it normally does not take a short time to be resolved. If you’re put on that and then time runs on you, once they terminate the process, then you will get your visa ruined.

There are many cases that were on 221G visa refusal and are waiting for the month of September for them to be processed. For those 221Gs that were to be processed in the month of September, they were not because time ran off them. After it was terminated, their visas were doomed.

So if you have won a DV lottery, you must do everything possible to ensure you have all the details and all the documents and everything that is required for a successful interview and visa approval.

The last thing is that, once the program has been terminated before the end of the year, and of course, your interview has been canceled, if you had been scheduled for that interview, there is nothing you can do, in embassy or KCC. Because the limit has been reached. The visas have been exhausted.

There’s nothing you can do once your interview has been canceled because the process has been terminated on the reason that the visas have been exhausted.

You just need try and apply this Diversity Visa Lottery 2025.

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