Canada Green Card Lottery? Australia Green Card Lottery? Is there any other Green Card Lottery?


Canada Green Card Lottery? Australia Green Card Lottery?

People talk about Canada Green Card lottery or Australia green card lottery and the question is there any such thing called Canada Green Card lottery? Is there any such thing called Australia green card lottery?

This post is going to be very quick and straight to the point. The purpose of this post is to tell you the truth and avoid you getting scammed by any person. There are few and important things you need to understand, there is a big difference between United States immigration system versus Australia and Canada on the other side.

Green Card Lottery

Green card is the only official nickname of American permanent residence status. So no country in the world has the terminology as Green Card to refer as a permanent resident. So if you find any application (both online or offline) of any country that is called Canada Green Card Lottery or Australia Green Card Lottery, it’s wrong. There is no such a thing.

Only the United States has the terminology Green Card as official terminology of the country, its official nickname and obviously the card is green. If you go to Canada they refer it more as PR, just like permanent resident.

There is only one country on the planet Earth with a lottery system which provides permanent residency status to the citizen or people from other countries to go that country and the country is the United States. No other country in the world just do a random selection through a lottery system to give people permanent residence like green card lottery or the diversity visa lottery program.

When we talk Canada and Australia on one side comparing to the United States, there is a very simple reason:

  • Canada, Australia and UK have what we call the points-based system or rather what we call emergency-based immigration system. That immigration system is different from American permanent residence status or immigration processes.
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In the United States there is a very limited options or ways one person can become a permanent resident.

Canada does not have an immigration lottery as the United States does. The U.S has a program called the Diversity Visa that allows individuals to obtain Green Cards. Canada doesn’t have a diversity visa but has several programs that offer draws every week, allowing individuals to obtain permanent residency, comparable to the U.S Green Card.

Does Canada Offer a Canada Immigration Lottery? Canada Green Card Lottery?

No, Canada does not offer a designated Canada Immigration Lottery. Some websites will advertise that they do. Is totally misleading and some may be scams. However, this does not mean that you cannot immigrate to Canada. If you’re interested in an immigration lottery you should check out the U.S Diversity Visa.

Australia Green Card Lottery?

There’s no such thing as an Australian green card lottery. Green cards are a US thing. In Australia, there are tourist visas, student visas, 457 work visas, permanent residency and citizenship. You need to apply for each separately through the department of immigration and home affairs.

Immigration and Permanent Residency in Australia is managed by immigration officials on the basis of predetermined criteria. If you want to find out what those criteria are just check the web on Australian immigration and you can find that out.

Note: There is no law of any kind in the world like American diversity visa program, DV program. Canada does not offer an immigration lottery. Australia does not have a ‘green card’ lottery, or any other sort of immigration-related lottery. Only the U.S has an immigration lottery.