Laundry Worker Openings: Job Descriptions, Requirements, Immigration Pathways, and Application Sites

Laundry workers play an essential role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various establishments, including hotels, hospitals, and Laundromats. Applications are welcome from suitable candidates for the position of Laundry worker. Let delve into laundry worker jobs in Canada, providing detailed job descriptions, requirements, immigration pathways, and application sites for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Job Descriptions:

  • Position: Laundry worker
  • Employment Type: Full time, Permanent employment
  • Location: Canada
  • Shifts: Day, Weekend, Early Morning and Morning
  • Work setting: Hospital/health institution laundry
  • Work site environment: Candidates should work in hot, noisy, odours and wet/damp place
  • Weight handling: Up to 23 kg (50 lbs)


Laundry workers are responsible for:

  • Sorting, washing, drying, and folding laundry items.
  • Operating laundry equipment, such as washers, dryers, and ironers.
  • Inspecting laundry for stains and damage.
  • Maintaining a clean and organized laundry area.
  • Applicant should be able to hand fold and bag shirts, sheets and other articles, assemble and bag finished articles, match invoices or tags with dry-cleaned or laundered articles and also carrying and replace linen

Job Requirements:

To work as a laundry worker in Canada, candidates typically need:

Languages: Applicants must have knowledge of the English Language

Education: A high school diploma or equivalent educational qualifications are optional

Experience: Previous experience in laundry or a related field may be preferred. Applicants don’t need experience, although having experience is an asset

Skills: Attention to detail, ability to work efficiently, and good physical stamina.

Physical Requirements/Fitness:

  • The role may involve lifting heavy laundry bags and standing for long periods, applicant should be physically strong
  • The applicant should be able to perform repetitive tasks and also handle heavy loads

Other Requirements:

  • The applicant should be punctual and also a team player

Immigration Pathways:

Foreigners interested in working as laundry workers in Canada can explore the following immigration pathways:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): Allows employers to hire foreign workers to fill temporary labor shortages in Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Some provinces may have specific streams for skilled workers, including laundry workers.

How to Apply Laundry Worker Jobs in Canada

For those looking to apply for laundry worker jobs in Canada, consider using any of the following application sites below:

Laundry Worker Site 1 / APPLY NOW
Laundry Worker Site 2 / APPLY NOW
Laundry Worker Site 3 / APPLY NOW

It will list Laundry Worker job openings in Canada. You will learn more about all details and the application process. Job listings, company reviews, and salary information for Laundry Worker positions in Canada. If the position is fit for you and the basic requirements are fulfilled, then you can now apply along with your resume.

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In Conclusion:

Laundry worker jobs in Canada offer a stable and fulfilling career for those with the right skills and qualifications. Understanding the job descriptions, requirements, immigration pathways, and utilizing the right application sites can help individuals pursue successful careers as laundry workers in Canada.

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