Offshore Jobs in the United Arab Emirates, Immigration Pathways and Application Sites


Offshore jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offer unique opportunities for individuals interested in working in the oil and gas industry or related sectors. Candidates must ensure compliance with safety regulations and procedures. Coordinate with other team members to ensure smooth operations.

There are different Job positions you may wish to apply, e,g Drilling Operations, Roughneck, Directional Driller, Floorhand, Roustabout, Drilling Fluids, Derrickman, Toolpusher, Drilling Supervisor, Rig Manager, Drilling Consultant, Driller, Electrician, Mechanical, Civil Engineer, Construction, HSE, Admin, Cook, Cleaner, or any position of your choice. Let delve into offshore jobs in the UAE, providing detailed job descriptions, requirements, immigration pathways, and application sites for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Offshore Job Descriptions

Working offshore in the UAE involves a variety of roles, including:

Rig Technician: Rig technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of drilling rigs and equipment.

Production Operator: Production operators oversee the production process on offshore platforms, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Maintenance Technician: Maintenance technicians are responsible for the upkeep and repair of equipment and machinery on offshore platforms.

Safety Officer: Safety officers ensure that safety regulations and protocols are followed to maintain a safe working environment on offshore platforms.

Job Categories:

Offshore jobs in the UAE can be categorized into various sectors, including:

  • Engineering: Roles that involve designing, operating, and maintaining offshore structures and equipment.
  • Operations: Roles that involve day-to-day operations and management of offshore facilities.
  • Support Services: Roles that provide essential support to offshore operations, such as catering and logistics.

Job Requirements for Offshore Jobs in the UAE

Requirements for offshore jobs in the UAE vary depending on the role, but generally include:

Education: A degree or diploma in a relevant field is usually required. Some positions may require a technical or engineering degree.

Experience: Previous experience in a similar role, particularly in the oil and gas industry, is often required.

Certifications: Depending on the role, certifications such as offshore survival training, H2S training, and relevant trade certifications may be required. Relevant certifications for specific roles, such as drilling certifications for drilling engineers. Offshore survival and medical certificates may be required for some roles.

Skills: Specific skills and abilities relevant to the job, such as technical skills, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Physical Fitness: The role may involve working in challenging conditions, so good physical fitness is important.

Immigration Pathways for Foreigners

Foreigners interested in working offshore in the UAE can explore the following immigration pathways:

  • Employment Visa: To work in the UAE, foreigners need to be sponsored by an employer. Employers must apply for an employment visa on behalf of the employee.
  • Specialist Visas: Some roles in the oil and gas industry may qualify for specialist visas, which are designed for individuals with specialized skills or expertise.
  • Investor Visa: Foreigners who invest a certain amount of money in the UAE may be eligible for an investor visa, which allows them to live and work in the country.

How to Apply: Application Sites for Offshore Jobs in the UAE

For those looking to apply for offshore jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), consider using any of the following application sites below:

Offshore Jobs (All positions) Site 1 / APPLY NOW
Offshore Jobs (All positions) Site 2 / APPLY NOW

These are leading online resource for the oil and gas industry, listing job openings for offshore positions in the UAE and around the world. Offers job listings, company reviews, and salary information for Offshore Jobs in the UAE and other countries. It will list jobs. You will learn more about all details and the application process.

LinkedIn: This is another professional networking site where job seekers can find job postings and connect with potential employers in the oil and gas industry in the UAE.

If the position is fit for you and the basic requirements are fulfilled then you can now apply (along with your resume).

In Conclusion

Offshore jobs in the UAE offer exciting opportunities for individuals looking to work in the oil and gas industry or related sectors. Understanding the job descriptions, requirements, immigration pathways, and utilizing the right application sites can help individuals pursue successful careers in offshore jobs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Disclaimer: This information is based on research work, this site does does not offer any form employment. Please verify all information from official sources before applying. Neither a government agency nor an immigration lawyer owns this site. The content on this site was gathered through research from various public domains for informative purposes. Please ignore any sites, organization or anyone asking or demanding any form of payment from you, for jobs or visa preparations. For your unique immigration needs, kindly consult an expert immigration lawyer.