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Meaning of Administrative Processing and It’s Risks to Avoid If You can | DV Interview

Today, we will learn the reason as to why you should try to prevent as much as possible not to be put into the administrative processing, after your Diversity Visa (DV) interview.

What is Administrative Processing (AP)?

When you are put into the administrative processing (AP), it means that the interviewing officer has found some part of your information that needs further checkups or would require more information into it before you are considered for a visa.

In this case, they would go ahead and request you for further documents, or they might go deeper into the already provided information to see if you qualify for the visa.

In this status, you are neither guaranteed for a visa nor denied the visa.

Examples in which you can be put into the administrative processing are:

  • When inside your travel information, they are contained information of you traveling or visiting the nations that are considered by the United States as terrorism prone.

They will have to do some deeper investigation to ensure that you are not a terrorist or you will not pose any threat to the United States once you are issued with the visa.

  • In majority of the Embassies, the consular officers will request for the affidavit of support and if you are unable to provide one, they will put you into the AP and wait for you to deliver the affidavit of support.

Those are just some of the reasons as to why you might be thrown into the administrative processing.

Is it risky for you being thrown into administrative processing?

The answer is, it might be very risky because once you are put into administrative processing, your visa is returned to the pool of visas that are ready for other interviews. And if your case takes longer than the stipulated visa time, then it means you will lose your visa to some other people.

For the case of the diversity visa, if your administrative processing goes beyond 30th September of that fiscal year, then it means you will not receive your visa.

Note: The AP might take from a period of two weeks all the way to three months or even beyond six months.

Therefore, if you are able and at all costs, try and avoid being put into administrative processing because you put your chance of getting a visa at risk.

I hope the information is very clear.

DISCLAIMER: This post and content is designed for general information only and is NOT legal advice. This site is not offering any Diversity Visa and is not the official site for DV Lottery program. The information presented in this post should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

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