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Tag Archives: Form 221(g) visa refusal

Meaning of Administrative Processing and It’s Risks to Avoid If You can | DV Interview

What is Administrative Processing?

Today, we will discuss on the reason as to why you should prevent as much as possible not to be put into the administrative processing. What is administrative processing? When you are put into the administrative processing, it means that the interviewing officer has found some part of your information …

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The Yellow Slip After DV Interview | 221g Refusal

Yellow Slip 221g

Regarding the papers, the color and the content that you may be issued with after the DV lottery interview. Today, we will discuss about the yellow paper/slip 221g. What is the Yellow Paper/Slip after the DV Interview? The yellow paper/slip 221g is the other paper that you may expect to …

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Slip Issued After The DV Lottery interview | 221(g) the Pink Paper

what is 221g pink slip

The second paper that you might be given after the DV lottery interview is the Pink Paper. Today we’ll be looking on 221(g) the Pink Paper/Slip. Remember that the information here on the various types of documents, is the general information that will be found on the paper. Depending on …

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Papers Issued After The Green Card Visa Interview | White Paper 221(g) Visa Refusal

White Paper 221(g) Visa Refusal

There are different documents/papers issued after the Green Card Visa (DV) Interview. The first documents that we are going to learn in this guide is the white paper 221(g) Visa Refusal. What is 221(g) and what are the different color forms of 221(g)? Form 221(g) refusal is a document that …

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