The Yellow Slip After DV Interview | 221g Refusal


Regarding the papers, the color and the content that you may be issued with after the DV lottery interview. Today, we will discuss about the yellow paper/slip 221g.

What is the Yellow Paper/Slip after the DV Interview?

The yellow paper/slip 221g is the other paper that you may expect to get after your DV interview. The yellow document is one of the colors of the 221g visa refusal, and it indicates that there is a need for further administrative processing before the final decision is made on your visa application.

This means that additional time may be needed to complete the processing of your visa application, and you may need to wait longer than expected (e.g weeks, months or so) to receive the final decision.

When you receive the yellow paper/slip, it is important just as for other documents to go through that paper thoroughly, understand what additional administrative processing is required, and if you can’t understand, just contact your embassy and inquire of it.

The instructions will typically provide specific details on what steps you need to take, what documentation you need to provide. They will be clearly outlined on the document.

What are the reasons as to why you may receive this yellow paper/slip?

If there is need for further background checks.

Just like other papers, if there is additional information about you or regarding your application that requires further information, further background checks, then you will be given the yellow paper/slip.

This may be required if you have previously lived in or visited a country with high security risks. The yellow slip indicates that they want to do some further background checks.

If you have visited countries with security issues, countries that pose threat to the human populations, if you visited those countries, then a background check has to happen.

They need to know why did you go there? What were your aims? What were your goals? Or what did you go for in that country? What is your relationship with that country? What activities are you conducting in that country?

If there is some security issues regarding your travel, regarding your visiting a country, then expect the yellow paper.

If you have any issue that may raise concerns regarding your eligibility of the visa, or any other issue that is around your eligibility based on the above discussed, then may lead to the yellow paper.


Another reason for the yellow paper/slip is further verification of your application.

This may include reviewing the documentation provided in support of your application or verifying the information provided in your application. You may be required to produce documents to support, especially on security issues.

It is important to act promptly, respond quickly, and provide the necessary or the required or the requested documents or information. In some cases, the processing may take longer, especially if you come or you have visited those countries that pose a threat to the security of the United States.

It is also important to take note that some type of visas, such as those related to science and technology, or those additional security clearances, may require additional administrative processes.

If your certificate of qualification is under the engineering, and especially those engineering related to nuclear material, nuclear energy, and maybe you visited those countries that have these issues, then automatically you expect this case to be so complicated and to take time and you need to expect the yellow paper.

In conclusion, receiving the yellow paper can be frustrating, as it means your visa application is on hold while further administrative processing is conducted.

However, by carefully reviewing the instructions provided on the slip and promptly responding to any requests for additional information or documentation, you can increase your chances of having your visa application approved.

It’s important to remain patient and allow sufficient time for the administrative processing to be completed, particularly if additional background checks or verification are required.

Reasons for yellow paper/slip 221g:

  • Further processing required example
  • A security clearance is required due to your background, or additional administrative processing is needed due to the complexity of your case.

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