5 Papers You Are Given After The DV Interview | Green Paper/Document

What Papers Are Given After The DV Interview? Many people are waiting for the DV results to come out, which is in few months’ time. While others are still continuing with their interviews, some are also waiting for the second notification letters, 2NL.

Based on the recent visa bulletin that came out, there is promising in terms of the cut-off numbers. But the problem lies with the embassies and the speed at which they are processing, e.g some of the embassies in the region of Africa.

For those that are waiting for the results for the DV-2024, the results should be out by May 6.

Today, we will focus in those documents/papers that you may be given after a successfully DV interview.

5 Papers/Documents You Are Given After The DV Interview

Below are the documents that you can be issued after the interview, depending on the situation of your interview and they come in a paper form, it might be of different color.

Different Colour Paper that may be issued to you

For example, you can have a green paper issued to you after the interview, you can have a yellow paper/slip given to you after the interview. You can have a pink paper/slip given to you after the interview.

You can also have a white paper/slip given to you after the interview or even a blue paper issued to you after the interview.

Let now discuss these five papers that you may get after a DV lottery interview and their content and also their meaning, and what should you do after you have been given this paper.

Of course majority are wishing to be given the green paper after the interview. This is because it is the green paper that contains the information that congratulates you upon having a successful interview.

It tells you, congratulations, your visa has been approved, and this is the paper that many people are longing for after the interview.

Green Paper/Document

The first paper/document/slip is the green document, the document/slip that congratulates you of a successful diversity visa interview.

It says:

Dear Immigrant Visa/Diversity Visa Applicant.

Congratulations! Your visa has been approved. Please immediately register with DHL courier service for each traveling applicant. Instructions are attached to the sheet.

DHL will alert you by email when your passport or travel document is ready for collection and include a receipt number, and also the DHL Air way bill number.

Below is a sample of the Green Letter given after the DV interview

Papers You Are Given After The DV Interview

So depending on the country in which you come from, the courier services may be different. Others may also be told to come to the embassy directly to collect their visa. But this is the basic content of the green paper. It congratulates you on your winning the visa, and on your visa getting approved. It goes on to give you the details about what you’re required to have when you’re going to collect your passport through the courier services.

You’ll need your identification card and you’ll need the proof of your DHL airway bill number. If you’re taking for your child, you’ll be required to present the birth certificate for the child.

But if you cannot go by yourself as a principal applicant to collect the documents, then you can send someone. But the person you send, you must issue the person with an authorization document letter to go with to the courier services, together with your identification documents.

The authorization letter should have been signed by you and should indicate that you are authorizing the person to take the documents or to collect the documents on your behalf.

Green document/paper is the document that you get once you become successful in your visa interview and your visa has been approved. This is the document that all the winners in the DV lottery would like to get.

There are other documents that you may get which fall under the 221G, that is a temporary visa refusal and you will be required to take certain steps once you get those documents for your visas to be approved.

This is the first guide on those five different documents and papers that you can be given after the interview. To know more about the other documents/papers and everything about it, read more>>>>>

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