These are the biggest challenges for DV LOTTERY WINNERS when they arrive in USA, Be prepared


Biggest challenges for DV LOTTERY WINNERS when they arrive in USA: In this guide, we will learn some difficulty part for someone who has won the Diversity Visa Lottery on starting their life in America.

Biggest challenges for DV LOTTERY WINNERS when they arrive in USA

As a DV lottery winner (Green Card holder), what is the most frustrating situations on how to start? There are three biggest parts.

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation is the most complicated issue sometimes for so many people. For instance, in order to rent apartment, these are some of the terms you need to know.

You need to pay the first month, including what is called security deposit fee. The security deposit is almost similar to the first month, so you pay for the last month. Let’s say if the apartment, let’s say they say is $1,500 per month, it means you have to pay for 3,000 upfront.

The security deposit is when you are going to finish staying there, they are going to see if there are any things you destroy or if let’s say there are certain things, you made some mess up on the room, that means they will come and use some of the security deposit to do that and the remaining of the money within 7-10 days they will give you back your money.

So at the beginning, that’s what has becoming difficult for someone going to U.S as a DV lottery winner. But sometimes, most of the landlord will want someone who will want to know how you’re going to pay, they want to see your three-month income. How much money do you make?

There are certain places they will say you must make maybe twice amount of the rent. If the rent is 1,500, you need to get paid 3,000 and above. But as a brand new DV lottery winner you cannot show the proof of been working, your income with this amount for three months, you don’t have that one. That’s usually the most difficult part for DV lottery winners.

They are also going to check for the criminal record.

As a new DV lottery winner, it’s advisable, when you have the host, it is better to have a discussion like, “is it okay if I can stay at your place for this amount of money?” Whatever you agree with, because that person will not require you to go and find the security deposit, pay the security.

When you are staying there for three months, four months, you have been working, you can be able to find apartment and to be able to start the place to go to stay.

Usual, place to stay, apartment-wise, that is the most challenging part for so many DV lottery winners, especially when you have a family, that is adding another layer of complications compared to if you were single.

  1. Adjustment you are going to make

Another challenging part for people is not just about finding the jobs, is about the adjustment you are going to make. You are coming from your country, there are things you have to leave, like cultural wise.

In U.S, every time you will be speaking English, you are waking up compared to your country, sometimes there are that adjustment. There is adjustment to the culture, adjustment to working style, etc. You have to be flexible. You have to be understanding. You must be ready to start learning the new life.

Finding jobs is not really the difficult part. You can go to the specific stores, warehouses and directly ask them if they have employment, you can apply. You don’t go to U.S and expect you’re becoming the manager, you have to be humble. Even if you have bachelor degree, even if you have masters degree, even if you have PhD, even if you have been manager before, you are going to start over here.

  1. Money Management

Another challenges is the money management. Maybe before, you go to the bar, you can give money to other people, bring the beer to everyone, give offer, etc, it’s over.

Also, maybe you cannot have money and you can ask your friend, neighbor, relative, etc or someone can borrow the money. There in U.S you are on your own. You have to know that the money we’re getting, it’s on your budget. You live on your means. Don’t go there to find a way to start showing off, there is no showing off, there is no competition with anybody, it’s your life.

Don’t start trying to find ways on how you can compete with other people. There is no competition with anybody. Know your budget. Don’t go and rent apartment of huge amount of money while you know your income is not that huge. There is no any other place to do to get the money except to working.

Those are the three important lessons, all the important things you need to pay attention when you go to the U.S as a brand new immigrant, and especially if you have a diversity visa lottery winner.

Learn those challenges and work ahead to those things you need to know, because otherwise you would be in trouble.

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