You Must Do These Even Before you Get 2NL And Increase Your Diversity Visa Chances


Diversity Visa Lottery 2NL: In regards to DV-2024 lottery interviews, many people are already getting their second notification letters (2NL) while others are still waiting for them.

While you are waiting for the second notification letter. What are you supposed to do? Because for you to pass your DV lottery interviews, there are many determining factors and you need to get ready for the DV lottery interview.

Remember, after getting your second notification letter, you are given about six weeks of preparation before the interview date, that means that is some short time for you to amply prepare. So you need to have prepared even before the second notification letter. This is what we are going to learn in this guide. The end result of it is that you need to get a successful interview, get equipped for the DV lottery interview, for you to get your Visa approved.

What you are supposed to do, even as you’re waiting for the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery second notification letter (2NL)?

Always check on the Visa bulletin, especially if your number is not yet current, keep an eye on the Visa bulletin. Because the visa bulletin informs all the numbers that will be ready for certain month. All the numbers that are current for a given month.

Remember, for you to be current, your case number should be lying below that cut-off number. So how do you expect to know if you’re current if you don’t keep track of the Visa bulletin? How do you expect to know when your number will become current, if you don’t keep track of the Visa bulletin? How will you know, if you’re supposed to change an embassy for the interview, if you cannot keep track of the visa bulletin?

It’s very important that you keep track of the Visa bulletin because there you’ll get the cut-off number. You’ll be able to gauge your fate, the fate of your case number, and therefore take the necessary steps. So the first thing, always keep track of the visa bulletin. In this site, you will always get update you on the visa bulletins.

  • Gather all relevant information

The second thing that you need to do is, as you’re waiting for the second notification letter, ensure that you gather all relevant information. Gather the relevant information pertaining the DV lottery. Have, if possible, all information about the diversity visa process. Know the steps, the stages, the requirements, the documents that you are needed. Everything that surrounds the DV lottery program, know about that. All the material that is needed, everything that will lead to a successful visa interview, you need to gather that information. Make the your friend and follow every rightful information and you’ll have a successful interview.

  • Latest performance statistics of your current embassy

The other important thing that you are supposed to do is, also try to understand or to get the latest performance statistics of your current embassy, the embassy in which your interview is scheduled. Try and look for information, get to know about the performance of your embassy from the relevant resources.

You know where your case is, try as much as possible and get to know the performance. If you gauge your case number against the performance of your embassy and you realize that for sure, you are at risk of not getting an interview or your opportunity, then you need to take necessary steps. You need to transfer it. Get a better performing embassy that you can access and transfer your case there.

If you can move to that country, that is the best. If you have free movement from one country to your neighbor, and then you can also transfer to that country. Get to know the performance of your embassy as you’re waiting for the second notification letter.

  • Gather evidence that you need pertaining your case

The other important thing to do, and this is very crucial, is gather all the evidence that you need pertaining your case. You know how your case is, and you know everything that you need, you need to get those evidences.

The document proofs that have been requested, and also those that have not been requested or outlined in the checklist but you need them to solidify the truth or the veracity of your case, you need to get them. All the documents in the checklist, those that need notarization, you get the notarized documents, all those documents that are not mentioned there and they need also notarization, get them, even if they don’t need any certification.

For example, if you applied as single but you are in a relationship intending to get engaged and marry, then you need to get proof documents to show that there was an existing relationship before even you won DV Lottery, just to make sure that this is not a fraud and to get your visa approved.

The point is, get all the documents, anything that is required. As you’re waiting for the certification letter, ensure that you gather them. Remember, it is very risky for you to fall under the 221G visa refusal because time is running out and you never know, if you get into that position how much time it would take for you to be called back.

Some 221G have gone even beyond six months, so make every effort to get all the relevant documents that you may not be put to 221G or be refused the visa.

  • Always your email for any update

You keep checking your email for any update. Remember, communication comes through your email. The email that you listed on the DS-260 form. Through that, the communication from KCC will come regarding the second notification letter (2NL). It is the email that notifies you that you have your 2NL in the Dvprogram.state gov’s website that you need to go there and put your details and access the second notification letter. That notification is sent to you via the email.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: About the email, can one changed it on filling the DS-260 rather than the one he/she used during the entry?

Answer: Yes indeed

Question: My high school diploma is French language so while filling the diploma or certificate received in ds260 should I write it in French like written on my diploma or I translate in English?

Answer: If your embassy/ where you will be interviewed is francophon, you don’t need to. If it’s another, then you’ll need to translate.

Question: I have High school certificate, will the embassy still demand for transcript of high school?

Answer: No, the high school diploma is enough. No transcripts needed

Question: It ok to certify academic certificates and collect police clearance before 2NL?

Answer: For the police clearance -yes but for the education, you only do it after 2NL

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