Diversity Visa: What If You Or Your Derivative Fail Medical Exams? | What Happens And What To Do


What happens if you fail the medical exams or one of your derivatives fails the medical exams? This is what we are going to learn in this guide.

Note: United States government is very strict and very serious when it comes to immigration. They have to put every individual, every person that wants to immigrate to the United States through several exams, several checks. You have to pass these tests for you to be allowed entry into the United States.

For you to become admissible to the U.S, you have to pass through these tests and be approved:

  • You will be put to thorough security check

They will scrutinize the form that you submitted, for the diversity visa, it is the DS-260 form. They will have to go through every information presented in there and do a background check about every information that you have put there to ensure that you are approved security wise, you are not a threat, you don’t pose any harm.

  • You have to be put through social examination

You have to be socially clean. They will check through your media, everything that you present online. What kind of content do you create? Is it harmful? Does it cause any interference socially? You have to pass that.

  • You have to pass the veracity check

You have to provide all the information voraciously. Truthfulness is what is required. By this, you are supposed not to lie about nothing. Talk truthfully about your marital status. Talk truthfully about your kids and your children’s, your dependents. Talk truthfully about your academic background. Talk truthfully about your travel history. It is very important, you have to be truthful, and you have to pass that.

You have to be clean when it comes to legal issues, the civil issues, you should have not committed certain crimes. You should be clean with no criminal record that will make you inadmissible to the United States.

  • You have to pass the medical exam

You have to be medically clean or medically approved. Everything that is listed by the center for Disease Control in the United States regarding the health of all immigrants, you have to pass that. You have to be medically approved.

What happens if you yourself as the principal applicant, the main applicant or one of your derivatives fails to pass the medical examination?

First of all, after you receive the 2NL, the famous second verification letter, there are several things that you are supposed to do, i.e Pre-Interview.

  • You need to register your interview online if your embassy requires you to.
  • You’re supposed to verify your academic documents.
  • You are supposed to book a medical examination appointment for you and all your derivatives.

You attend the medical examination with all the members of your family. That is the nuclear family, the immediate family, the spouse and the kids that qualify.

When you attend the medical examination, you as the main applicant, together with the derivatives, will have to go through the medical examination. This medical facility that you are supposed to attend for your medical examination has to be the one approved by the United States government. You have to go to that.

What that facility is mandated to do, is to ensure that everyone that is applying for immigration passes all the medical tests, all the medical examinations, as listed by the CDC. They will examine you and also the derivatives.

You as the principal applicant, you have to pass all the medical examination. You should not be having any communicable diseases, for example, the tuberculosis and also the gonorrhea, etc. You have not to have those diseases that are of public harm as listed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)


You also have to be mentally fit. You should not have a mental condition that has a record of you causing harm to the public. You should not be a drug addict. You should not be taking these drugs that are not required. If you pass those tests, then your examination is successful.

Your derivatives will have to pass through the medical check and also pass all those checks. Then they will give you or administer to you and all your beneficiaries, all the required vaccinations that you might not be having.

Having passed all those checks, everyone of you will be eligible to go for the interview.

What If You Or Your Derivative Fail Medical Exams? What happens if one of you fails the medical exam? Will it affect the entire case?

  • For Principal applicant

If the principal applicant is found with these communicable diseases and therefore not qualified, he will not be qualified for a visa. You will be inadmissible into the United States.

Therefore, since he is or she is the principal applicant, he fails the entire family of getting the visa because he is the one that was selected. He’s the one that is the principal applicant. So every other person cannot get a visa because the principal applicant has failed the medical exam.

  • When it comes to the derivatives

If one of the derivatives fails the medical exam, maybe he or she is found with the communicable disease or those other diseases that makes you inadmissible into United States. If one of your derivatives face the medical exam, the principal applicant passes, together with the rest of the family members, the one that failed the medical exam is the one that will get the visa refused. But the rest, the principal applicant plus the rest that have passed the medical check will get their visas approved on a successful interview.

If a beneficiary fails the medical exam, then the principal applicant, together with the others that have passed, will continue to the interview and their visas will be approved. Whereas the one who failed the medical exam will have his or her visa not approved.

That mean the principal plus those who qualified will proceed into the United States, minus this one that did not qualify. If a beneficiary fails the medical exam, it does not affect the whole family. But if the principal applicant fails the medical exam, then he or she affects the entire family in this regard.

Bonus Tip

If you check your Diversity visa lottery result and you are selected, ensure that you together with your family, go for early diagnostic check to know whether you have all these diseases that can render you inadmissible to United States.

Get diagnosed early, so that you may start treatment early enough, such that when the interview comes or the medical examination comes, you might have been through with the treatment or you might be almost through with the treatment, and by so doing, you make your case safe.

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