B1/B2 Documents Checklist for U.S Visa Interview


In this guide we will learn those documents required for B1/B2 U.S Visa Interview. All the B1/B2 documents checklist for U.S Visa Interview, that will make you successful.

B1/B2 visas are temporary visits that allow you to travel to the United States for visit, for tourism, for conference, for funerals, for graduation, for medication, for business meetings and so on. If you are applying to travel to U.S for any of these categories, you will need B1/B2 Visa.

Documents Required for B1/B2 U.S Visa Interview

If you are preparing for your U.S Visa Interview, make sure to check these B1/B2 documents checklist which have grouped this into two-part, primary documents and secondary documents checklist for B1/B2 visa applications.

Primary documents checklist for B1/B2 visa applications

Below are the primary document that you will need for B1/B2 visa.

  1. Passport

You will need a passport that is valid for at least six months.

  1. DS160 Confirmation Page

When you filled out and submitted your visa application form, you receive a confirmation of submission. You must always print this page and add it to your documents.

  1. Visa Fee Receipt

You should always go with your visa application fee payment receipt.

  1. Photo

You must upload this photo during your application, but if you are unable to do so, you must get copies or hard copies of these photos with you when you are going for your interview.

Even if you were able to upload your photo during your application form, make sure you take some photos with you when you are going for your interview.

Secondary documents checklist for B1/B2 visa applications

Supporting documents are documents that you will need to prove your purpose of travel to the United States, your financial support, and your ties back home. Below are this document:

  1. Documents for purpose of traveling

(i) Invitation Letter: For purpose of travel, we are talking about invitation letters from the person you are going to visit. If it is a conference, you will still need an invitation letter from the organizers of the conference.

(ii) You will need an itinerary: This is a list of your activities in the United States. If you are going for a visit, you can type and print all the places you would want to visit and add it to your documents. If you are going for a conference, you will need a brochure or the program outline of the conference.

(iii) Accommodation reservation: This details where you will stay while in the United States. Usually this should be part of your invitation letter. But if you are going for your own tourists, assuming no one is inviting or you are not going for a conference and you are going for your own vacation and tourist, you will need a hotel reservation.


(iv) Photo I.D of Invitee: The next document is photo ID of the person you are visiting. If the person you are visiting is a U.S Citizen, you will need his/her ID page of his/her passport.

If the person is a green card holder, you need a photocopy or scanned copy of his green card front and back. Or if the person is in U.S on a visa, like an F1 visa, you are coming for graduation, you will need a passport ID page and the visa page of the person you are visiting.

  1. Financial Support Documents

Financial support documents are documents that prove your ability to support your trip. These documents are:

  • Bank statements, if you are sponsoring yourself
  • An affidavit of support, if your sponsor is in the U.S.
  • Letters of sponsorship, if you are going for a conference and any means of proof of funds that you have document to prove.
  1. Documents to prove home ties

These are documents that will show that you will come back after your visit or your conference in the United States. Below are the documents:

  • Employment letters, if you are employed, you need your employment letter.
  • Leave letter i.e a letter from your employer or organization stating that you are on leave and you are using that leave for your visit in the U.S or you are going for a conference.
  • School letter: You will also need letters from schools or school registration documents, if you are a student.
  • Business or financial documents: You will need businesses and financial documents to prove your asset and your ties back home.

Sometimes you also need some family documents such as marriage certificates and pictures. Also, remember to include any other documents you believe can help your case.

This guide has answered the question, what document should I bring to a US B1 B2 visa interview? Because this is all the documents you need for your B1/B2 visa application. Always remember to prepare well to go for your interview.

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