DV-2024 June Cut-Off Numbers Analysis


The Visa Bulletin for May 2024 that should be released in this month of April was released few days ago. This article will focus on details/analysis concerning the June 2024 cut-off numbers in the DV-2024 program.

Before you proceed, read this: Visa Bulletin For May 2024 and Cut-Off Numbers for June 2024 Published

Though the cut-off numbers in this year’s program is on a low, generally. The reason why, for those who are not aware of that reason, it stems from caution being applied by the visa office as a result of the unfortunate experience that they had at the end of the DV-2023 program.

Just to recall, last year, around the month of July, we saw a close to reaching the total number of visas that should have been issued out in the DV-2023 program. Unfortunately, those who should have been monitoring the statistics of the DV-2023 program were not doing their work as it were.

It happened that the program issued out nearly all of the 55,000 visas very early in the month of September, whereas KCC had already served so any interview notifications for the remaining three weeks in that month. So only one week into the month of September, the DV-2023 program came to an abrupt end, and all of the interviews that that had been scheduled for the rest of the month of September were canceled.

For DV-2024 applicants, it’s very likely that the Visa Office would apply caution when it comes to moving the cut-off numbers related to the DV-2024 program. On the overall, that is what we have experienced, and that’s the primary reason why we have the low movements in the cut-up numbers in the just released visa bulletin.


There are other reasons which concern specific regions like the Asia and the Europe regions. But when it comes to the overall slow movements or low movements in the cut-up numbers in the DV-2024 program, including what we just experienced, then it is due to the caution that is being applied by the visa office as a result of their bad experience with the DV-2023 program.

It is true that some people would like to see the cut-off numbers in the visa bulletin increase at a faster pace. But you should also understand that the diversity visa program operates in a specific context. There is a limited number of visas to be issued out every year, and those running the program take that into consideration, when it comes to moving the cut-off numbers.

Then, in addition to that, their bad experience with the DV-2023 program has also caused them to ensure that that mistake from the DV-2023 program is not repeated in the DV-2024 program.

So it is true that you would like to see the cut-off number move at a faster pace, but you should also take this into consideration. The big question which some people will be asking, based on the caution being applied by the visa office based on their experience with the DV-2023 program, is what to expect, will this continue? Will the low movements in the cut-off numbers continue up to the end of the DV-2024 program?

Those questions will be answered in upcoming articles.

Concerning the first of those four cut-up numbers, we have already experienced what we expected. When it comes to the remaining three, in the next Visa Bulletin, the low cut-off number of movements may continue. It is in the final two Visa Bulletins that the change actually occur.

Those are thoughts concerning the just-released Visa Bulletin, as well as upcoming Visa Bulletins in the DV-2024 program.

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