Two Major Mistakes That Will Knock You Out Of DV Lottery Selection Process


This guide will explain two grievous mistakes that you will do in your DV lottery application and will knock you out of the selection process. Just two that will disqualify you in the DV Lottery Selection Process.

Two Major Mistakes That Will Knock You Out Of DV Lottery Selection Process

  1. Uploading wrong photo

The photo may seem a very small aspect of the DV lottery application and it is likely to be ignored. Someone can ignore the specifications. But remember, the photo is one very great mistake that will eliminate you during the selection process.

You cannot get through with an incorrect photo, with a wrong photo. What does this mean? This means that when you are doing your entry, you must be very precise. You must be very cautious with your photo.

Follow the specified instructions about the DV photo. I have discussed the specification in a former guide here.

Find out more about Photo Requirements for DV Lottery.

The photo background should be the white background or off white, and your face should be directly facing the camera. You should not be wearing anything that is unnecessary, like a cap or a scarf, apart from the religious one.

All those specifications, including the size that it should be a two-inch by two-inch photo, and it should be a 600 by 600-megapixels photo.

Those minor specifications regarding the DV photo, you should follow them to the end because uploading the wrong photo, is the very first greatest mistake that will kick you out of the selection process. You can’t go through the selection process with a wrong photo.

  1. Doing the DV lottery application twice

The second great mistake that you can do and will eliminate you in the selection process is doing the application twice. If you do an application with the same information twice, you are definitely kicked out of the selection process. You can’t get through.

If you realize that you did a wrong application or you inserted a wrong information or you did mistakes during your processing, don’t dare to do a second application with the aim of correcting the mistakes. That is considered a double entry and you are kicked out of the selection process instantly.

Those are the two major mistakes that will not get you through the DV lottery selection process. Avoid them at all costs. Never commit them.

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