This Is The Email Notification For 2NL You Are Waiting For


In this guide, you will learn about the email notification for Second Notification Letter (2NL) you are waiting for.

After you have submitted your DS-260 form and it has been processed, your case becomes current, the next step that you are waiting for is to receive the appointment letter. This appointment letter is called the second notification letter (2NL), the letter that informs you of the interview.

The Second Notification Letter (2NL) is the letter that you receive sometime after you have filled and submitted your DS-260 form, and it shows your interview appointment details. Its tells you the interview schedule date.

The second notification letter will basically contain your interview information. It will have your details, and secondly, it will have your interview details and the dates of your interview.

How exactly do you get your Second Notification Letter?

In other words, how do you know that you have the second notification letter? You should be expecting a notification through the email from KCC. That is how you’ll get notified of your second notification letter.

You should note that the second notification letter is not sent through the email. It does not come through the email, only a notification telling you that you have some pending information in the correct website,

Below is a sample email notification, for those waiting for the second notification letter.

This is the sample email of second notification letter notification that you will receive.

It will have and then sent to me (i.e you) and then the time that you receive it.

It will have your names, e.g Maxwell Smith.

Then, it will say you have received this email notification to inform you that you have updates available at Please log in using your confirmation number from your original application to complete further processing.


Sample of Second Notification Letter (2NL) you are waiting for

sample email of second notification letter notification

This is the exact sample email notification that you should be expecting from KCC and this email clearly informs you that you have an update in this website. So what you are supposed to do is to click on the link and it will take you to the entrance status check.

Below is that entrance status check.

Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check

You will click Continue.

Then using your confirmation number, you will access the details and you’ll get your second notification letter.

Below is the sample second notification letter that you are expecting.

sample second notification letter


That is exactly how you will know that you have the second notification letter. Visit that link and you get access to the second notification letter. But remember to always keep watch on your email.

If you’re expecting the second notification letter, always refresh your emails and check your emails for this notification.

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