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Housekeeping Jobs: When it comes to the hospitality industry, the housekeeping department is an essential component, but you may be wondering how it operates. Also, when it comes to keeping a hotel operating efficiently, cleaning employees is vital. A housekeeping job may be the perfect springboard for a successful and satisfying career in the hospitality industry.

Different Types of Housekeeping Jobs

Below are Housekeeping Positions and Responsibilities of Housekeeping Jobs:

  • Housekeeping Attendant:

One of the most important roles on the Housekeeping Job is that of Housekeeping Attendant. The Cleaning Attendant cleans guest rooms, responds to guests’ housekeeping requests, and ensures their general well-being.

Positions under Housekeeping Attendant

Below are positions under housekeeping attendant:

  • Housekeeping Attendant
  • Housekeeping Aide
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Assistant Housekeeping Manager
  • Hotel executive housekeeper
  • Cleaner

Duties and Responsibilities of a Housekeeping Attendant:

  • Clean rooms according to Hotels requirements
  • Maintains an up to date knowledge of all chemicals and cleaning products, and the necessary handling methods
  • Responds to guests and staff queries, requests, and complaints quickly and politely
  • Ensures all lost property items left in guest rooms are noted on the worksheet and given to the
  • Supervisor/Manager at the end of the shift.
  • Ensures any maintenance and safety risks are quickly reported
  • Takes personal responsibility for equipment, ensuring it is used appropriately and secure at all times
  • Reports any odd or suspicious persons/activities occurring in the area of security to the management
  • Reports any maintenance concerns like burnt out light bulbs
  • Check beneath bed, drawers, and closet for left behind goods and possibly garbage
  • Cleans sink and fixtures and replenish all terry, soap, glasses, comment cards, coffee, and other amenities
  • Remove clothing from dryers and fold quickly to minimize wrinkling.

Room Attendant:

The Room Attendant’s job is to keep the room clean and fresh for all guests. Prepares each room according to the hotel’s service standards for the arrival of new guests. Below are positions under room attendant:

  • Housekeeping room attendant supervisor
  • Housekeeping Room Attendant

Role and Responsibilities

  • All guestrooms and related spaces must be kept clean and in good working order by this person.
  • Ensure that all housekeeping activities are carried out and maintained to high standards at all times.
  • Responsible for the care and repair of your equipment during each shift. Any defaults must be notified to the Assistant Housekeeping Manager.
  • Practice the recycling of linen and toweling, as per specified hotels regulations.
  • Removal of all garbage in waste bins and ashtrays
  • Cleaning by washing and drying of all surfaces in the bathroom
  • Wash paintwork and doors as necessary as ordered by the Assistant Housekeeping Manager.
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  • Report any blankets, duvets, duvet covers, or mattress pads in need of changing.
  • Render personal help to guests by carrying out food trays and newspapers.
  • Responsible for collecting worksheets each morning with key and returning each after the shift.

Director of Housekeeping or Housekeeping supervisor:

To guarantee that guest rooms, public spaces, and employee areas are clean and well-maintained, the director of housekeeping manages daily housekeeping activities and employees. Directs and works with the team to effectively perform all housekeeping tasks. Strives to constantly enhance visitor and staff happiness and maximize the financial performance of the department. Responsible for examining areas of duties and following up with a strategy for improving performance.

How to Find and Apply Housekeeping Jobs in Canada

Not all the businesses in Canada hire temporary foreign workers. It is your duty to look for those genuine job openings, the application process for foreign workers, Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada. For those looking to apply for housekeeping worker jobs in Canada, consider using any of the following application sites below:

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Housekeeping Worker Jobs Site 2 / APPLY NOW
Housekeeping Worker Jobs Site 3 / APPLY NOW
Housekeeping Worker Jobs Site 4 / APPLY NOW

If the position is fit for you and the basic requirements are fulfilled then you can now apply (along with your resume).

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Don’t forget, location is not a barrier, as you can apply from any part of the world without previous experience or degree education.

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