Passport In DS-260 Form and DV Lottery Interview


Passport for DV: After the DV lottery results are out, and you are among the selectee (i.e you won), the next thing is filling the DS-260 form.

Individual that are selected in the DV lottery and are waiting for their interviews, yet they don’t have this document, i.e the passport, this article will discuss about the passport for those that are waiting for the DV results and the passport throughout the whole process.

  • Those waiting for the DV results

The concern around the passport, famously known as the travel document, is brought about by the fact that majority of you that are waiting for the results don’t have their passports ready. That’s what raises the anxiety.

Can you be able to fill the DS-260 form, even without the passport? That is the travel document.

The answer is yes, you can fill the DS-260 form even without the passport. Answering this question professionally or technically is that you need the travel document for you to successfully and can fully fill the DS-260 form and submit it. You need the travel document. There is that section where you’re supposed to fill the travel documents. You as the principal applicant and also in the DS-260s of the derivatives, there is a section that you’re supposed to fill in that information.

Therefore, a solid or the best answer to the question, Must you have the travel document in order to fill the DS-260 form? Yes, you need that document.

Immediately after filling the application, the DV Lottery application, if you are hopeful for the results to be positive, that is, you get selected, it is good that you start preparing or applying for the passport immediately. The reason is because, in some countries, there might be delays in getting the passport.

You would have ample time to apply and get it before the results are out. The passport in many countries, they don’t expire within a short time. They go up to 10 years of expiry. Even if you apply and you’re not successful during this DV Lottery, then apply the next DV Lottery and you get successful, then your passport will still be there with you. It is not a must that you have it for you to fill the DS-260 form.

What are you supposed to do? How do you go around the passport?

You might be knowing that you can use other travel documents if they are availed in your country. But if you don’t have the alternatives, what you’re supposed to do in that slot where you place your passport number, you can use any other document identifying you. For example, your national identification number, you can use maybe your baptism number or you can use whichever number that identifies you. Then you submit your DS-260 form.

This is important for those that have derivatives as well. If your derivatives are the ones without the passport, then you can use whichever documents that identify them in that regard, and then submit the document, the DS-260 form.

If it is your child and is not yet up to the age that he or she can obtain your national ID, then you can use your national ID as the principal applicant in their place, and then submit the DS-260 form. Because the point is to submit the DS-260 form early enough because the DS-260 forms are always processed in the order of their submission. So submitting early, that is the point.


Even if you don’t have the passport document, fill it using whichever identification number and then apply for the passport. Then afterwards, after you’ve gotten your travel documents, then you come back, request for the unlock from KCC, and then update the DS-260 forms.

  • The second concern, the passport

This is for those that are already scheduled for the interviews and they don’t have the passport. The concern is, can they attend the interview even without the passport? The absolute answer is no. You can’t attend the interview without the passport. Why?

Because if you go through the interview you successfully and you get your visa approved, the visa itself is stamped onto the pages of the passport. If you don’t have a passport, where will they stamp that visa? It is a must that you go to the interview with your passport. If you don’t have the passport, you don’t have an option but to reschedule your interview to a later date when you will have your passport documents.

Even if you attend the interview, it won’t be successful without the passport. You will have to present the passport.

Having your passports ready with you, has a great deal of advantages.

  1. You won’t be required to unlock your DS-260 forms for any update around the travel document section.
  2. Having your passport gives you an upper end over those without, when it comes to opportunities. When you get an opportunity, then you are easier to relocate than those without.

Remember, there are many avenues to the United States, various visa to the United States. Even moving to other countries where you would like to, you need the passport. You have an advantage.

  1. It does not expire soon, you can just apply, be with it and be trying those opportunities. Once you get it, you are just ready because you have the passport.

Question: What if the passport number I used for dv application expired and I got a new one, can I use the old passport number or the renewed passport number?

Answer: Change to the new one. You have to do it.


Answer: No

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