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Interview Practice N-400 Questions for U.S Citizenship

U.S Citizenship Interview Questions: This guide is to prepare you with the important questions on the day of your naturalization interview. These questions may be asked in different ways, so this guide will help you get ready to be approved, moved, and become an American citizen.

Try to practice and answer these questions that could be asked during your interview. Make sure you read this guide to the last part, because the more you learn, the higher your chances in passing your interview and tests for U.S Citizenship.

N-400 Interview Questions for U.S Citizenship

Below are some N-400 interview questions for U.S citizenship

Do you want to ask something before we start?

What made you decide to become an U.S citizen?

What’s the main reason why you want to become a U.S citizen?

Do you think that you’re eligible to become a U.S citizen?

Please tell me your qualifications to become a U.S citizen.

Can I see your green card, passports, and state issued ID?

It’s important to recheck your application if there have been any changes.

Say your first name, please

Please say your last name.

Give me time to check it on the computer.

What’s your current legal name?

Have you ever used any other names?

Do you want me to change your name?

What’s the date of your permanent residency?

Tell me your date of birth.

Can you say your country of birth?

What’s your country of nationality?

Any accommodations requested because of a disability?

What’s your home address now?

Where else have you lived in the past five years?

Where else have you lived in the past three years?

It’s your mailing address too, correct?

Okay. So let me update that.

It’s the same address since you submitted your application, correct?

So there’s no change of address after submitting your N-400 form

How long have you lived with this home address?

What’s your previous home address?

Are you still living at this address?

Since you submitted your USCIS application form, has your address changed?

We may communicate with you through your phone, say the number please.

Tell me the citizenship and nationality of your parents.

What’s the citizenship and nationality of your parents?

Ever since you lived here, have they visited you?

Who visited you while living here in the United States?

May I know the reason for the visit?

Tell me your height or What is your height?

Tell me your weight or What’s your weight?

Your eye color. What’s your eye color?

Your hair color. What’s your hair color?

What do you do for a living?

Are you presently employed?

What kind of work do you do?

What company do you work for?

How long have you worked in your previous job?

What can you say about working here in the U.S?

Tell me how long you were unemployed.

What was your job before?

Why did you leave your work?

Where else have you worked in the past three years?

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the most commonly asked naturalization/citizenship interview questions, drawn from responses on Form N-400.

I believe with this listed questions you will be able to answer the questions that the USCIS officer may ask on the day of your interview.

If you think that this guide is helpful for you, please share it out for others to learn too. Thank you.


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