DV-2024 Program: March 2024 Visa Bulletin and APRIL Cut-Off Numbers Analysis


We saw in the previous guide that the visa bulletin for the month of March 2024, which shows the cut-off numbers to apply during the month of April 2024 as part of the DV-2024 program was released. There are some major questions that comes up every month about the new released visa bulletin. In this guide, we will look at the March 2024 Visa Bulletin and APRIL Cut-Off Numbers Analysis and answers to some of those questions about Visa Bulletin and APRIL Cut-Off Numbers.

Diversity Visa Bulletin for March 2024 and APRIL Cut-Off Numbers Analysis

Many people are disappointed because they expected to see the cut-off number of their region move further than it has actually moved, and that why they ask some of these questions, whenever the visa bulletin is published.

Visa Bulletin For March 2024
Diversity Visa Bulletin for March 2024 and APRIL Cut-Off Numbers Analysis

For example, why did the Africa region increase from 40,000 to 45,000 and not beyond? Because that was the wish of many applicants. Or why the Asia region moved from 7000 to 7200, etc.

The expression that usually comes up in such a case is analysis. For the coming days, applicants will be demanding analysis concerning the various movements in the regional and exceptional countries cut-off numbers. Below is the analysis or explanation as to why the cut-off number of your region or your exceptional country moved to a small extent, as it has done in this visa bulletin:

The visa bulletin cut-off numbers that we see on a monthly basis do not just come about anyhow. There is a principle behind the movement or as non-movement in some cases, in the visa bulletin. The visa office moves the cut-off numbers or decide not to move them based on necessity.

If it is necessary to move, it moves them, if it is not necessary to move them, they remain as they were. What does this necessary or not necessary mean? All depends on what is expected concerning interviews for the month under discussion or the month concerned. In this case, the month of April.

The principle is that, moving the visa bulletin cut-off number is meant to make new cases current because in order for cases to be scheduled for interview, the first must be current. When the visa bulletin cut-off number moves, it moves because the visa office wants more cases to become current so that they can be interviewed.

If the embassies inform the visa office that there is no need to take new cases, the visa office will not move the cut-off numbers for the region or the exceptional country concerned.


If they say that they need only a few cases, the visa office will move the cut-off number to a small extent to allow only a few cases to be made current, because it’s only a few cases that are needed to be interviewed or added to the ones that are already waiting to be interviewed during the month concerned. So that is the principle.

Why is it that, for the Africa region, for example, the movement was from 40,000 to only 45,000? Why in the case of the Asia region, the movement was from 7000 to only 7200? In Oceania, for example, from 1200 to 1250 because of the same reason.

For the month of April, there are many cases already waiting to be interviewed, as a result of that it was not necessary to give any region a leap. That’s the reason why on the overall in this visa bulletin, we observe that there is not much of a leap in the various cut-off numbers.

If you should observe the situation one month ago, you will realize that for most regions, perhaps all regions, there was a leap or a high increase in the various cut-off numbers. Take Africa, for example, it left from 26,500 to 40,000. In the case of Asia, the cut-off number left from 5500 to 7000, which is a relatively high increase. Oceania, for example, left from 875 to 1200. What that did is that it made many cases current waiting to be interviewed.

With the low increases that we have observed in this visa bulletin, we can then expect leaps or higher increases in the visa bulletin cut-off numbers after now, even if it is not for all of the regions. But after now, we can look forward to leaps taking place or higher increases happening because the many cases will now be reduced.

That is how you should take the movements that occur in the visa bulletin cut-off numbers, which will allow you to understand every time the visa bulletin is published, why this happened and why that happened. It will also give you an insight into what you should expect concerning upcoming visa bulletins. That is the analysis.

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