I Got A Baby/Child After Receiving Diversity Visa | What Do I Do?


Child born after Diversity Immigrant Visa issued: One of the questions asked frequently is, what can I do if I get a baby after being interviewed for DV?

If your child is born after the issuance of your diversity immigrant visa, he/she will not need a visa to accompany you, provided you both travel within the period of validity of your visa. You are required to carry a copy of your child’s long-form birth certificate for presentation to an immigration officer at the port of entry, together with a valid travel document for the child.

Another question: I have already received my 2NL for me and my family. My wife is pregnant at the moment expecting delivery at any time. What in the event she did not give birth unto the date of interview and later gave birth?

To answer this question in three scenarios regarding babies:

If when applying for the DV lottery, you had not a child, but later on you got the child. When filling the DS-260 include that newborn in the DS-260 form, there is no problem with that at all.

Question: What if I get the baby and I have submitted the DS-260?

Answer: You just request unblocking of the DS-260 and create a DS-260 for the child. Add the child and then submit the DS-260 again.

Question: What if I get the baby after my interview has been scheduled and I have received my second notification letter?

Answer: By this, you just have to go with the birth certificate and the travel document (i.e the passport) to the interview. The passport of the baby and the birth certificate of the baby to the interview.

During the interview, you will be allowed to add the baby in your case.

Question: What if I get the baby after I have been interviewed and now preparing to relocate?


Answer: In this case, you have to prepare the passport for the baby and also the birth certificate. Then report to the embassy about your baby. The embassy or the Consular Officer may prepare some special letter that will allow you to move out of your country to the United States with that baby.

Then at the point of entry into the United States, you will present the birth certificate together with the passport for the baby, and at that point of entry, they will stamp the visa for the baby as well as your visas.

So any case regarding a baby being born in the process of your diversity visa, there is no problem.

Question: if I officially adopt my brother’s child after my DV lottery application, will I be able to include that child in DS-260 forms if I win?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it the same person for sponsorship which I filled in DS-260? Is it Possible another person for Affidavit support? If I feel.

Answer: Yes you can have a different sponsor to fill in the i-134 other than the one in DS-260.

Question: What if I get marry after submitting my DS-260? What can I do?

Answer: You unblock and add the spouse.

I hope this guide have answered majority of you regarding this question, Child born after Diversity Immigrant Visa issued.

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