Your Case is Current For interview Processing But Not Received 2NL? What You Should Do


Your Case is Current For interview Processing But Not Received 2NL? What Should You Do?

If you emailed KCC (Kentucky Consular Center) to check the status of your diversity visa and you received this message,

“Your case number is now current for interview processing. Once the interview date has been scheduled, you will receive notification via email to check on this website,

If you need to make changes to your DS-260, you should contact the consular section where you will be interviewed or bring the information about your changes to your interview appointment.

Because your case is ready to be scheduled, KCC can no longer unlock your application.

For additional information, please follow the following websites:

The Diversity Visa website:

The diversity instruction website:

The DS-260 instruction website:

To enter the Diversity Visa program or check for the selection notice:”

Your Case is Current For interview Processing But Not Received 2NL?

This is the message about which you will get the answer from this guide. If you have checked your status and above is the message that you have received through the email, this simply means that your case is now current.

Your Case is Current For interview Processing But Not Received 2NL?

KCC has already gone through your DS-260 form that you submitted and they have finished processing it. They are ready to transfer your case to the embassy and consequently send you the second notification letter, if you have not received it yet.

Therefore, this will depend upon the embassy. Does the embassy has the embassy the capacity to receive your case?

If the slot is there at your embassy, then KCC transfers your case to the embassy and you receive a second notification letter and you start getting ready for the interview. At this moment, if you want to make any necessary changes to your DS-260 form, it is impossible through KCC.

What you are required to do, as this email says, is that you are supposed to contact the embassy directly and request them for the changes.

Alternatively, you just go with those changes to your DV interview and at that point you will inform them of the changes for them to make the necessary changes to your DS-260 form.

That is what this message clearly means.

Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answer

Question: How do you get such email above?

Answer: Just email KCC requesting your status. You may get such response if you are current.

Question: How do you emails KCC?

Answer: Email to

Question: I received the same email but I didn’t receive the interview date email, is it possible they will not send an email anymore for interview date?

Answer: You will get it only after 4 conditions are met:

  1. DS-260 processed (yours has been processed)
  2. Number current
  3. Embassy has a slot for interview (no backlog before you). Embassy performance
  4. Advertisement
  5. Visas have not run out.

Question: Am current and I have got my interview appointment but my DS-260 form is no were to be found, what can I do?

Answer: You don’t need DS-260 form, just the confirmation page.

Question: The date of birth on my school certificate doesn’t match on the actual birth certificate please what should I do?

Answer: Use that in the birth certificate in the DV process.

Question: I send email to KCC to unlock my DS-260. However they haven’t responded yet. But when I check my case status, it says completed and at the left side there is option to add applicant. Is this means that My DS-260 has been unlocked? Can I add my spouse name on add applicant? Or will KCC send you email that DS-260 has been unlocked?

Answer: Add and submit it if you married after you applied.

Question: What is the next step after the received 2NL?

Answer: You book medical examination, verify high school certificate.

Question: If your case number is current but haven’t received your 2NL, is it necessary to email KCC?

Answer: No need

Question: When one submits their DS-260, then one requests for unlock after few months, does the necessary corrections and submits again, does KCC consider your previous month you submitted or the second one?

Answer: They consider the details of the corrected DS-260

Question: What does it mean for a case to be in AV queue? At what stage does this occur?

Answer: Allocated visa queue. When KCC process cases, it allocates a visa to them and that’s only when they can send them to embassies (if they are current). If not current or embassy doesn’t have capacity, the processed cases are arranged in a queue in the order of processing. That is the AV queue.

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