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DV Medical Examination: When do you apply or schedule for your medical examination? Immediately you receive your second notification letter, 2NL, you are supposed to schedule for your medical examination.

When you are processing for the diversity visa program, you have to do the visa interview. When the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), the government agents which is responsible to schedule the interview for you give you a notice of the interview at least six weeks in advance, the next process you need to do is the medical examination.

Where Do I Do My Medical Examination For DV Interview?

You (and each family member applying for a visa with you) are required to schedule a medical appointment with an authorized physician in the country where you will be interviewed.

You must complete your medical examination, along with any required vaccinations, before your scheduled visa interview date.

When your medical exam is completed, if you are given a medical exam envelope, you must bring it sealed (not opened) to your visa interview. Some physicians will send the medical exam results directly to the embassy or consulate.

Do you select which doctor to conduct your medical examination?

The answer is no. You are supposed to book an appointment with the medical center or the physician specified by the United States Embassy in your country.

Medical Examination Process and Requirements for DV Interview

Which documents are you supposed to carry with you, when attending the medical examination for the DV lottery?

  • Your vaccination records

It is a major requirement for medical examination. You must have the COVID-19 vaccine before you go to the medical examination. Because in the medical examination, they are going to do the cross-look of your vaccine record.

From October first, 2021, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, released the new mandate that if you have to get the visa for immigrant visa, even non-immigrant visa, you must have the COVID-19 vaccine. So you must have the vaccine in order to go to the medical.

The vaccine, the COVID-19, was not part of the requirement previously, but it has started from October first, 2021 going forward.

The passport photos for each and every member in your application. Depending with which country you come from, the embassy may require several photos. Some embassy requests for three photos for every member, others they request five photos for every member.


Other Documents You Will Go With To The DV Medical Examination

  • The appointment letter, don’t forget the appointment letter.
  • The confirmation page of your DS-260. Don’t forget to carry the confirmation page of the DS-260.
  • The medical documents if you are under medication currently.
  • If you have ever had these contagious diseases or one of them, like for example, the tuberculosis and the syphilis and you had been treated, you should go with that certification that shows you had it and you have completely been treated.
  • A valid passport for all the members in your application.

Can you be denied the visa because of a certain thing found in the medical?

The answer is yes.

The things which can cause you to be delayed to get the visa is if you have the TB, tuberculosis, you will be required to go and be treated first before you come.

That is a mandatory because in the United States, they have already eradicated the tuberculosis. So they fear people to bring the tuberculosis in the United States.

The other thing which is very big one is if you have a mental problem which can be a harmful or can cause a mass crime, disruptions, maybe can bring a mass shooting, that type of problem you might be being inadmissible to the United States.

Also, if you have excessive use of drugs, that will be able to cause you not to be admissible to the United States.

I hope the information there is useful to you.

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