First Email Response Before / When DS-260 is Processed | DS-260 Received


This guide is important to all the DV winners, including the DV lottery 2023. Because towards the end, you’ll learn a lot of information regarding the questions on DV program and first email response before or when DS-260 is processed.

For the DV lottery 2024 winners, your time is not yet. That is the time for your interview. As you know, the interviews will begin from October and will run through to the 30th of September 2025. So as we are speaking, it’s not yet time.

Regarding how you can check your status at the moment, your information on the CEAC is not yet, that is the CEAC website. Your information is not yet and you cannot check on that website for your status. Your information will be out from the first of January and therefore, at this very moment, how can you check the progress of your case?

The only legal and legit way to check the status of your progress is by contacting KCC. You email KCC and then ask off the progress of your case.

Another thing that you need to know is majority of the DV Lottery 2024 winners have already submitted their DS-260 forms and only a few have not. Once you submit your form DS-260, then KCC will go through your form.

As they are looking or going through the information on your DS-260 form, we say they are processing your DS-260. When KCC begins or decide to process DS-260 forms submitted at a particular time, for example, if they decide to begin to process DS-260 forms submitted, let’s say in the month of May, all the DS-260 forms submitted in that month will be processed, regardless of the case number.

They’ll move to another time, let’s say, for example, the month of June. If they take on the month of June, all the DS-260 forms submitted in the month of June will be processed, regardless of the case number. If it’s high or low, that will not matter.

And then they move on, maybe to the month of July, and process all the DS-260 forms that were submitted in that month, regardless of the case numbers.

When you send KCC a status request, and at that time, they have not opened your DS-260 form yet, or they have opened and they are currently going through the information in there, then this is the email response that you expect to get.

First Email Response Before / When DS-260 is Processed

Read through it and get some important things that you should know today. This is the email.

“Thank you for your inquiry.

Your forms have been received and are currently processing. Allow several weeks for processing. Interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing.

Once the Kentucky Consular Center, that is KCC, has finished processing your DS-260, you will receive an email from the Kentucky Consular Center giving you instructions to complete in order for your case to continue processing.

In order for the Kentucky Consular Center to assist with inquiries regarding a specific Diversity Visa (DV) case, you must provide the principle applicant’s full name, complete case number, and date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY) as entered in the original entry.


Please remember that Kentucky Consular Center does not have the authority to tell you whether or not your specific case will be disqualified. Only a Consular Officer can do that at the time of your visa interview.

Do not send any paper documents to the Kentucky Consular Center. For additional information, please refer to the following………..”

Basically, this is the email response that you expect to get, if your DS-260 form has not been opened or has not been completely processed.

Some few things to get from the email is that you should add allow for some weeks for processing. So it takes some time for KCC to get your number and process it. This means it may take any time between two weeks and several weeks, up to several months.

Then interviews are scheduled numerically based on case numbers that have completed processing. Scheduling of case numbers are scheduled numerically. By numerically, it means from the lowest case number to the highest case number of all the cases that have been processed.

If you have a considerably lower case number and you fail to submit your DS-260 form early enough, you’ll find out that someone with considerably higher case number than you will be scheduled for the interview before you because your case was not processed at the time.

You had submitted your case number late and therefore it was processed later. And this one with higher case numbers than you who had submitted the DS-260 early enough will have DS-260 form processed and scheduled even before you.

So for all the cases that are processed for a particular period, the numbers will be arranged from the lowest case number to the highest case number within that time. If you have a low case number and you fail to submit it early enough for it to be processed, then you will find out some higher case numbers scheduled before you, even if that is not the case.

Submit your case, your DS-260 form early so that when they are scheduled numerically, you are also included and you receive your interview invitation, i.e the 2NL (Second Notification Letter), before someone with higher case number than you.

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