Are You Ready for the DV-2025 Results?


We have only few days remaining before the DV-2025 lottery results are out, the exact date is May 4, 2024, and that will be 12 noon the eastern time (EDT), the New York time, that’s when the results will be out. You can convert that to your local time and see when that will be.

When the result is out there will be no form of communication to you notifying you of the results, or there will not be any communication to tell you that the results are out. Neither will there be a message telling you that you have won, that you need to do such and such a thing for you to proceed. You are the one to do that. You are the one to go ahead and visit that website,

When opened, you’ll see a page there on the entrant status check, that’s where you’ll find a place to enter your confirmation number, year of birth, your last name (that is the surname) and then you get access to the result. You are the one to go and check for yourself.

Let no one come with fake emails or fake messages telling you that you have won. That is lies. You’re the one to visit the site and check for yourself. There have been many speculations out there about this selection process and people have tried to figure out how the process happens. But this guide below fully explained that.

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The DV lottery is a free and fair program, you apply for free, you pay no charges and you also check the result yourself, for free. After checking, that’s when you get the response whether you’ve won or you’ve not won. It is very random, that’s why it’s called the diversity visa lottery.

It deals with the diverse, the diversity of the immigrants in the United States. They are just providing a free opportunity or a free avenue of immigrants to go to the United States and try their life there. It is free and the selection is very random indeed.

By random, that also means that everyone has equal chances in that program. Everyone who applied and applied correctly have equal chances of getting selected, it is not based on any achievement. Even if you had a very good profession and another person had no profession, but had qualified, once you enter into the program, the program is completely random. You have equal chances, it is not based on any achievement in life. You just meet the basic qualification, the minimum qualification, and all of you have the equal chances of gett ing selected.


Remember, this program is run by computer program, all the entries, they are put in a computer program that randomly selects when it runs to pick the successful selectees. Then after that, all the selected will be subjected to further screening. That is to mean the information there will be checked and especially the quality of the photo.

If the photo passes the qualifications, then you remain in the selection. But if you have some errors and especially in your photo or with your photo, then you are eliminated. That is to mean you are removed from those that were selected, leaving behind a space that is called a hole. So that’s how it does happen.

DV Selection Process

These are some of the factors that are not considered in the DV selection process:

The first factor they will not consider is the country of birth. It will not matter which country you come from. Whether you from the east, from Africa, from the Oceania, etc, that will not matter. Everyone has equal chances.

Another thing that will not matter is how many times you entered. In fact, if you entered more than once, that is considered fraud and you are instantly eliminated. You will not even enter into the first phase of selection. Once you place multiple entries, you are disqualified outrightly. So it does not depend on the number of times you applied.

Another thing is the gadget that you used. People have applied using computers and they have not been selected. Others have applied using the mobile phones, the pcs, the Mac. They have applied using different gadgets. They have not been selected. Whereas others have used the same mobile, the same laptop, the same computer and they have gotten selected. So it’s not based on the gadget that you used when it comes to selection.

Another thing is, it will not matter how many times you visited the United States. The frequency of you visiting the United States, that will not matter. It will not matter how long you have stayed in the United States. Even if you have stayed maybe doing business for like ten years or three years. If you have been there for a visit visa for about three months, it will not matter the length. It is completely not based on those facts. It is random.

It’s good that we get to know such things.

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