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As the DV 2024 program progresses, this is the statistics of the program at the end of the January 15 to January 19 working week. Before we go into the statistics, we are all aware that this data is extracted by Xarthisius and posted to their website. This guide will break in details, the information that features in the DV 2024 CEAC data table.

2024 Diversity Visa Interview Statistics

Below is the current status of interviews and visas in the DV 2024 Program, as at January 20th, 2024.

DV 2024 CEAC Data Table
DV 2024 Latest Statistics

What makes this above presentation interesting is that it shows you how cases progress after the current for interview scheduling stage of the diversity visa application process. In other words, this presentation shows you the stages that cases go through after they get scheduled for interview.

As shown in the table, they first appear is “In Transit”. That is, they are shown being transferred from KCC to their respective embassies and consulates.

Next is the “Ready Stage”, which shows cases registered at the different embassies and consulates ready for interview.

Then after that, come the interview outcome stages. That is, what happens to the cases after they are interviewed. And as you can see from the table, either they are placed on ordinary Administrative Processing, placed on “221G Administrative Processing”, “Permanently Refused”, or they get “Issued”.

There is another important aspect of this presentation that you will discover as to get closer to the end of interview scheduling in this year’s program, it will be shared soon.

Going into details of the data above, there are a couple of things to note on.

Firstly, the number of visas that have so far been issued out. That is found in the final column in the data. As you can see for the Africa region, so far, a total of 3,158 diversity visas have been issued out. For Asia, 1,117. For Europe, 3,536. For North America, 5, for Oceania, 181, and for South America, 290, bringing the total number of visas issued out so far in the DV 2024 program to 8,287.

Knowing that there are a total of about 55,000 visas allocated to the DV 2024 program, it means that there are still around 47,000 visas left to be issued out. But some of those visas have already been booked by the cases that are currently awaiting interview.

The second item at the bottom of the third column, the number of applicants who are currently ready for interview. From the data, there are 15,399 applicants currently awaiting interview in the DV 2024 program, and as most of them will be issued visa at the end of the day, we can say that if you have not yet received your interview notification, then the total number of visas left for you to be issued is actually far less than 47,000.

The 15,399 applicants currently ready for Interview include those that are still to be interviewed during what is left of this month of January, all of those that are to be interviewed during the month of February, and most of those that are to be interviewed during the month of March.

Interview notifications continue to be sent out for the month of March, so in case your case number falls within the range that are indicated for your region as being concerned by interviews to be conducted during that month of March, after the last visa bulletin was released, then continue to look out for your interview notification because at any time it could show up, provided your case has reached the end of your embassy queue.

Those are the statistics of the DV 2024 program at the end of the January 15 to January 19 working week. This is an exercise that is going to be presented on a weekly basis, and so look out for the next statistics for this year’s program on subsequent weeks.

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