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Things You Must Not Do before you Get 2NL | DV Lottery 2NL | Green Card Visa

In this guide, you will those things you must not do before you get 2NL. You should not bother yourself with the following things before you receive your second notification letter, 2NL, for your DV interview.

  • Don’t try to register for your interview appointment.
  • Don’t try to book any medical examination.
  • Don’t try to register any delivery service or the courier services.
  • Don’t get vaccinations before you get your second notification letter.

These steps, they are only supposed to be done once you get your second vacation letter. If you don’t have your second notification letter yet, you cannot do this because it won’t go through.

  • Registering for your interview appointment

If you try to register for the interview, it won’t be possible simply because before you get a second notification letter, it means that the embassy has not yet received your details.

In other words, KCC hasn’t transferred your case to the embassy, so the embassy has not your details, and it is the embassy that conducts the interview once they get your information. Don’t try to register an online interview appointment.

  • Booking for medical examination

Don’t book for any medical examination yet. If you have not gotten your second notification letter, don’t try to do that, because you will be required to have the details with you when booking the medical examination.

You’ll be required to send some details, and yet you’ve not yet received the second notification letter.

  • Booking the courier services for your passport delivery

Don’t try to book any courier services for your passport delivery before you get your second notification letter.

  • Getting vaccinations before you get your second notification letter

Another very important thing that you are not supposed to do yet is trying to get the vaccinations that are required by the United States government.

Don’t beat around trying to understand “what are the vaccinations that I want or that I’m supposed to go through,” and then you try to get them in the name of reducing their charges, their costs during the medical examination. If you do that, you’re doing mistakes.

Don’t try to go around to get the vaccinations. The best thing you’re supposed to do is to wait for the second notification letter and then the specified medical facility. You visit it, you book an appointment with them, and they will administer all the required vaccinations, those that you don’t have.

Don’t bother yourself at all about getting these vaccinations before you get your second notification letter. No, don’t do that. You need just to relax and wait. Then immediately you get a second notification letter, then you can go ahead with those mentioned processes.

Don’t do those four things listed and explained above before you get your second notification letter.

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