DV Documents, Translations and Submission Before DV Lottery Interview Date

There’s this issue about document submission for DV interview, this guide will clarify that issue.

As a routine initially, there used to be that document submission procedure. After you have filled the DS-260 form and you’ve outlined your details in the DS-260 form, the next step that followed was to submit the document proofs or the supporting documents to the KCC. That was a requirement and that was before the DV lottery 2022.

But after the DV lottery 2022, this document procedure was scrapped off from the process, and you are no longer required to submit any document to KCC after you have submitted your DS-260 form.

Questions About DV Documents, Translations and Submission Before Green Card Lottery Interview Date

  • At what point will you be needed to present the supporting documents?
  • Are you supposed to send your supporting documents to your relevant embassy before you go for the interview?

Though many may have the knowledge about this.

After this document submission procedure was removed, and for the reason of facilitating or enhancing the speed of processing of cases by KCC, after it was removed, you are only required to have the supporting documents with you during the interview.

That mean that you are not supposed to send your embassy any document. No supporting documents should be emailed to the embassy. Gather them and get them ready.

The original documents together with their copies or certified documents together with their copies. You go with them to the embassy and during the interview, you don’t send any document prior to your interview. You go with them physically during your interview.

The other thing to add on this document submission is that, remember that your documents must be in English and if they are not, you should get a certified translation of the documents to English.

Document submission for DV interview: Filling Education Level in DS-260 Form

Regarding filling in the DS-260 form on the area of your education background, some have this question on what they should fill if they are continuing with their courses and they have not gotten the certificate.

First of all, remember that you are supposed to fill the education details with the education that you are currently having the certificate. That is for you to be comfortable and on a safer side.

If at the time of filling in the DS-260 form, it happens that you don’t have the certificate, but you will get the certificate before your DV interview, then you fill in that course. But if at all you know you won’t be able to get the certificate at the time of your DV interview, then there’s no problem with you leaving it out.

Because after all, with only the high school diploma, you’re already qualified. And remember the DV lottery program, the success at the interview does not depend on your level of education.

It does not mean that if you have higher certificates more than another one with only the high school diploma, it does not mean that you have higher chances of getting your visa than this other person.

So only fill the education part with the education, whose documents you have and whose documents you can have before the DV interview. If you cannot obtain the document before the interview, then leave that indication out. Just proceed with the current qualifications that you have.

I hope you have learned from this guide. Thanks for reading this guide.

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