Why You May Not Be Selected In DV Lottery | DV Lottery Disqualification


DV Lottery Disqualification: In today’s guide, we will learn majorly three things that will indeed affect you in the selection. Things that will either reduce your chances of getting selected or will automatically knock you out of the selection process, even if you passed the first selection.

We’ve learned about the wrong theories that people have given out there regarding the selection process. We have also seen clearly on the errors that you might have done in the application but wouldn’t affect you in the selection. We also saw about the errors that you might have done and will not affect your selection, but later on will affect your DV process and you will get visa denied. All those we’ve talked about, you will find that information in this post below.

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Why You May Not Be Selected In DV Lottery | DV Lottery Disqualification

Below are the things that will knock you out of the selection process, and if you probably did these two things, be sure enough that you will not be selected.

  • Doing a double entry

The rule is that you are supposed to do a single application, just one application per one person. You cannot do two applications. Let’s say, for example, you might think that since this is a lottery, by me trying to enter several times or many times, I will increase my chances of getting selected. No, you are wrong.

If you decide to play today to enter into the lottery today and then you wait for some three days, then you try again and enter. Some other days, then you try and enter multiple times, that one is an automatic disqualification.

Don’t be tempted or you should not have been tempted to try and apply again because you realized there was some mistake that you did or maybe you used a wrong photo and therefore you decide, let me try another one with the correct information, that’s knocks you out of the selection.

Double entry or multiple entry into the DV lottery, it is an outright disqualification from the selection process, you will not get selected with that.

The second one, apart from the double entry is, and this was put out clearly last year, I think it was this year, early months of this year, by an information from the court proceedings. It was very good because it disclosed very rich information regarding the photo. Yes, I’ve said the photo. In that document, we clearly saw that they pay particular attention to the details of your

  • Photo

We all know the requirements of your photo, your DV Lottery application passport size photo has dimensions that is two inch by two inch. It has the background qualifications, image qualifications, ratio qualifications. All these are put to proper consideration, that every photo that does not meet the requirement knocks you out of the selection.


You might have gone through the first phase of selection, but due to your photo qualities, you are knocked out leaving a hole. Those many holes that we see in the selected number of selectees, those holes came about due to some photo errors.

Maybe you provided a blurry image or when editing your photo, you do not follow the correct procedures. Maybe the edges of your image were trimmed. Any editing of your photo that affect the original standard, the original quality of the photo taken.

Those are some of the specifications that are checked, that are looked into. If your photo does not meet the qualification, that entry is kicked out of the selection process and you not even know, you might have gone through the first selection, you are among the selectees. But due to those errors, you are knocked out, leaving a hole, and will not even know that you had been selected.

So the correct photo is a major thing that will really affect whether you’re getting selected or not. Always use the correct photo, meet all the requirements, all the specifications of a DV lottery photo.

  • Number of entries across the globe

The third thing that will affect your chances of getting selected or can lower your chances of getting selected is the number of entries all across the globe. The selection or your chances of getting selected depends on how many people entered into the DV lottery.

For example, in the DV lottery 2024, we saw an upward of 22 million entries. They only selected around 120,000 selectees out of the 22 million.

The more the number of entries into a DV lottery, the lesser the chances of you getting selected.

For DV 2025, when you look from the number of visits to the dvprogram.state.gov, the application website, when we compare the visits with the DV lottery 2024 visits, we see there’s some quite difference. That is, the DV 2024 was quite higher than the DV 2025.

So we expect the number of entries this year to be slightly lower than the 22 million that entered in the DV lottery 2024. The chances in this DV lottery 2025 for you will be slightly higher than for the DV lottery 2024.

The number of entries into a DV lottery will reduce or increase your chances of getting selected.

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